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Active Korean 1

Active Korean 1

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Active Korean 1 is the first volume in the Korean language textbook series designed for adult learners in a short-term training course (about 60 hours) of Korean language. Most textbooks of Korean language up until recently were developed for intensive courses, so they were not suitable for learners who wanted to improve their communication skills in a short period of time. Written for adult learners who are beginning to learn Korean as a foreign language, it aims to develop learners’ basic communication skills in a short period of time by using the following methods:

First, on the basis of a situation and function centered syllabus, this book is composed of essential vocabulary, grammar and expressions for beginners derived from everyday situations and functions of real-life.

Second, this book aims to enable learners to acquire vocabulary and grammar systematically. To facilitate active vocabulary building, vocabulary lists, which are categorized by meanings and parts of speech, are presented on the first page of each unit, and extended vocabulary and expressions are presented at the end of each unit. Through the detailed explanation of grammar items, learners are able to understand the target grammar accurately and use it appropriately.

Third, various tasks and activities are provided to enable learners to acquire the target grammar and apply it to practical situations. Through these challenging tasks and activities, learners are able to improve their communicative competence.

Fourth, units are organized in consideration of class structure and learners. Grammar and expressions related to the topic and the given situations, a simple dialogue based on the topic and an extended conversation are presented in order in every unit to suit a general class structure and to facilitate learners’ understanding and application.

Fifth, this book features integration of vocabulary, expressions, grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing. The separate workbook helps learners to practice and organize what they have learned from the main textbook through exercises in grammar, expressions and vocabulary.

Sixth, a wide variety of photos and illustrations are provided to arouse learners’ interests in learning and enable learners to have an accurate understanding of the given meanings and situations.

Seventh, this book can be used not only as a textbook for classes but also as a self-study book. Studying each unit in order will lead learners to successfully learn on one’s own. To facilitate learners’ understanding, explanations on grammar and instructions are presented in English, and self-assessment is possible as well.

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all the instructors from the Textbook Development Committee who have contributed to the work of writing and publication of this book. We are also greatly indebted to Mr. Chang-Deok Hahm and Нае-mi Hyun from the Korean Language Education Center for editing the English translations, Mr. Joon-Sung Park from the Foreign Language Education Center for proofreading the translations. In addition, we would like to convey our gratitude to Mr. Pil-Bae Kim, the CEO of Moonjinmedia and his editorial staff for their generous support in having this volume published.