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Advanced JavaScript Essentials

Advanced JavaScript Essentials

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Advanced JavaScript Essentials

Lesson 1: Introduction to Advanced JavaScript

Welcome to Advanced JavaScript Accessing the Console Using the Console Good Programming Style Practices Testing Code in the Console Interacting Directly in the Console Commenting Your Code

Quiz 1

Lesson 2: Know Your Types

Know Your Types: Primitives and Objects Primitives

Some Interesting Numbers Objects

Enumerating Object Properties Primitives That Act like Objects JavaScript is Dynamically Typed

Quiz 1 Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Lesson 3: T rut hy, Falsey, and Equality

Truthy, Falsey, and Equality

Values That are Truthy or Falsey Implied Typecasting Testing Equality Objects and Truthy-ness Objects and Equality

Quiz 1 Project 1 Project 2 Lesson 4: Constructing Objects

Constructing JavaScript Objects

Constructing an Object with a Constructor Function Constructing an Object Using a Literal Constructing an Object Using a Generic Object Constructor So, What's the Best Way to Make an Object?

Initializing Values in Constructors this

Constructing Array Objects

Quiz 1 Project 1 Project 2 Lesson 5: Prototypes and Inheritance

Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript instanceof Prototypes

Prototypes of Literal Objects What is a Prototype Good For?

The Prototype Chain

Prototypal Inheritance

When are Prototype Objects Created?



Setting the Prototype Property to an Object Yourself

Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Project 1 Project 2 Lesson 6: Functions JavaScript Functions What is a Function?

Different Ways of Defining a Function

Functions as First Class Values

Anonymous Functions

Returning a Function from a Function

Functions as Callbacks

Calling Functions: Pass-by-Value


Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Project 1 Project 2 Lesson 7: Scope Scope

Variable Scope Function Scope Hoisting

Nested Functions Lexical Scoping Scope Chains Inspecting the Scope Chain

Quiz 1 Project 1

Lesson 8: Invoking Functions

Invoking Functions

Different Ways to Invoke Functions

What Happens to this When You Invoke a Function

Nested Functions

When You Want to Control How this is Defined callQ and applv()

Function Arguments

The Four Ways to Invoke a Function

Quiz 1 Project 1 Project 2 Lesson 9: Invocation Patterns

Invocation Patterns Recursion

Why Use Recursion?

Chaining (a la jQuery)

Static vs. Instance Methods

Quiz 1 Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Lesson 10: Encapsulation and APIs

Encapsulation and APIs Privacy, Please An Example Private Variables


Private Functions
A Public Method

Acessing a Public Method from a Private Function Encapsulation and APIs

Quiz 1 Project 1 Project 2 Lesson 11: Closures Closures

Making a Closure What is a Closure?

Playing with Closures Each Closure is Unique

Closures Might Not Always Act Like You Expect Closures for Methods Using Closures

Where We've Used Closures Before Quiz 1 Project 1

Lesson 12: The Module Pattern

Module Pattern

IIFE or Immediately Invoked Function Expressions The Module Pattern

Using the Module Pattern with JavaScript Libraries A Shopping Basket Using the Module Pattern Why Not Just Use an Object Constructor?

Quiz 1 Project 1

Lesson 13: The JavaScript Environment

JavaScript Runs in an Environment

The Core Language, and the Environment's Extensions

How the Browser Runs JavaScript Code

Including JavaScript in Your Page

The JavaScript Event Loop

The Event Queue

Asynchronous Programming

JavaScript in Environments Other Than the Browser

Quiz 1 Project 1 Lesson 14: ECMAScript 5.1

The ECMAScript Standard for JavaScript Strict Mode New Methods

Object Property Descriptors Sealing and Freezing Objects Creating Objects

Project 1 Project 2
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