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American Language Course Student Text Book 21

American Language Course Student Text Book 21

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

The American Language Course (ALC) is a comprehensive, multilevel language program for teaching English for vocational and professional purposes. It is designed primarily for intensive English language training in a classroom setting,, but can easily be adapted for slower-paced instruction. The ALC's curriculum has been developed by the Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC), which is a US Department of Defense school under the operational control of the US Air Force. The primary focus of the ALC is to provide a language curriculum for a diverse international military population. To that end, the course includes not only general English topics, but also military topics of a general nature highlighting the typical language military personnel will encounter in their professional and vocational career fields. The ALC has, ho'wever, a 1 so been very successfu 11y used m non-mi litarу 1 earning environment,s and m US lugh schoo 1 s with immigrant student populations.

Course components

The coordinated instructional packages for Books 1-30 consist of the following:

>    Instructor text (IT)

>    Student text (ST)

>    Homework and evaluation exercises booklet (HW and EE}

>- Audio recordings (tape or CD)

>    Language laboratory activities text with audio scripts and answer key (LLAT)

>    Computer-delivered interactive multimedia instruction (ТМГ) for Levels 1-IV

>    Quiz kit

>    Optional training aids

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