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An english- greek technical dictionary

An english- greek technical dictionary

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата


The need for standard English - Greek and Greek - English dictionaries has been sorely felt in Greece. This need has become even more evident in recent years with the rapid economic growth and industrial development of the country. The education and training of a corps of skilled technicians and scientists has been somewhat hampered by the lack of such dictionaries, which would make the numerous technical publications readily accessible to Greek teachers and students in such varied fields as engineering, chemistry, mathematics, marine technology, electricity, etc.

It was precisely this need that encouraged me to compile an English - Greek Lexicon of Technical Terms, which was first published in 1955 by Longmans Green of London. The response to that book was such that I subsequently brought out a Greek -English Technical Dictionary in 1959.

The present edition is a revision of the original dictionary to which an additional 3,000 technical terms from the various applied sciences have been added. It is my hope that this edition will be even more useful in helping to fill the ever - growing need for a handy and useful English - Greek technical dictionary.

I would like to express my thanks to the many friends who have in one way or another encouraged me to undertake this revised work. Among these I would mention James Bea-verson, President of Athens College, John Thaeher of Dumbarton Oaks, Tot and Joan Heffelfinger, Harold and Melanie Thurman, the Bill Libermans and the George Libermans of New York.

The book is respectfully dedicated to Francis Gallery.