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Anesthesiology theoretical - теми

Anesthesiology theoretical - теми

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата


There are two types of anaesthesia: general anaesthesia and local, or regional, anaesthesia.

General anaesthesia is a medically induced coma and loss of protective reflexes resulting from the administration of one or more general anaesthetic agents. A variety of medications may be administered, with^the overall aim of ensuring unconsciousness, anfnesia, analgesia, relaxation of skeletal muscles, and $ loss of control of reflexes of the autonomic nervous system. General anaesthetic agents normally produce a controlled and reversible intoxication of the CNS of the animal. General anaestheticflgents are given either bylnhalation or by injection.

According to the drugs nature, the dose and if it’s injected separately or together with other drugs, the general anesthesia could be:

1 Simple narcosis - when we use one drug;

Mixed narcosis - when we use more than one anesthetic, introduced by the same way. For example two drugs, put muscular or venous;

Ъ Combined narcosis - more than one drug, introduced by different way. For example one of them is introduced muscular, the other - venous;

Ц Matched narcosis - superficial narcosis + local anesthesia;

S Balanced narcosis - neuroleptic + opiate + muscle relaxant;

Q Neuroleptanalgesia - strong neuroleptic + strong analgesic;

7 Acupuncture, electroanesthesia, controlled hypothermia, etc - these methods are rarely used.