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Basic principles in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Basic principles in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

I. Head and Neck Topographical Anatomy. Blood supply (V. Svechtarov) 5
II. Asepsis, Antisepsis and Infection Control in Surgical Practice
(N. Tomeva, E. Deliverska) 10
III. Assessing Patients (E. Deliverska) 15
IV. Equipment and Materials Used in Oral Surgery (M. Rubiev) 31
V. Basic Surgical Manipulations (M. Petkova, E. Deliverska) 38
VI. Flap Design in Oral Surgery (M. Petkova, E. Deliverska) 42
VII. Innervation and Local Anaesthesia (E. Deliverska) 48
VIII. Extraoral Techniques for Local Anesthesia (M. Petkova, E. Deliverska) 64
Supplementary Techniques And Innovations in Local Anesthesia
(M. Petkova, E Deliverska) 69
IX. Complications After Local Anaesthesia (L. Stefanov) 74
X. Teeth Extraction (N. Tomeva, E. Deliverska) 78
XI. Complications During and After Teeth Removal (L. Stefanov) 85
XII. Classification of Impacted Third Molars (M. Petkova, E. Deliverska) 92
XIII. Abnormalities of Teeth and Related Syndromes (M. Petkova, E. Deliverska) 95
Cleidocranial Dysplasia 100
Vitamin D Deficiency (Rickets) 101
XIV. Periapical Periodontitis (M. Petkova, E. Deliverska) 102
XV. Cysts of the Oral and Maxillofacial Tissues (M. Petkova, E. Deliverska) 106
XVI. Infection in Oral and Maxillofacial Region (L. Stefanov) 152
XVII. Drugs for Pain Relief and Antimicrobial Therapy in Patients with Odontogenic
Infections in the Maxillofacial Area (Z. Mihailova, L. Stefanov) 160
XVIII. Maxillary Sinus Disease (M. Petkova. E. Deliverska) 164
XIX. Osteomyelitis of the Jaws (Z. Mihailova, L. Stefanov) 178
XX. Cervical Lymphadenopathv (E. Deliverska) 186
XXI. Evaluation of Patients with Facial Trauma (E. Deliverska) 190
XXII. Soft Tissue Injuries (E. Deliverska) 202
XXIII. Orofacial Pain (E. Deliverska) 204
XXIV. Facial Nerve Dysfunction (E. Deliverska) 213
XXV. Salivary Glands Diseases (M. Petkova, E. Deliverska) 216
XXVI. Premalignancies (S. Kazakov, L. Stefanov) 229
XXVII. Oral Cancer (E. Deliverska) 238
XXVIII. Salivary Gland Tumours (E. Deliverska) 247
XXIX. Soft Tissue Tumours (E. Deliverska) 250
XXX. Jaw Tumours (E, Deliverska) 274
XXXI. Temporomandibular Disorders (V. Svechtarov)   285
XXXII. Periodontal Diseases (E. Deliverska) 290
XXXIII. Oral Implantologty (B. Stoichkov) 298
XXXIV. Congenital and Acquired Oral and Maxillofacial Defects (B. Stoichkov) 308