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Bayley Scales of infant Third edition Administration Manual

Bayley Scales of infant Third edition Administration Manual

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction . . . l
Content and Structure of the Bayley-III 1
Test Content 3
Cognitive Scale   3
Language Scale 3
Receptive Communication 3
Expressive Communication 3
Motor Scale     3
Fine Motor   3
Gross Motor 4
Social-Emotional Scale 4
Adaptive Behavior Scale     4
Test Scores   4
Applications 6
Scale Limitations   6
User Responsibilities 7
User Qualifications 7
Test Security 8
Overview of the Administration Manual 8
Chapter 2 General Testing and Scoring Guidelines . 9
General Testing Guidelines for the Cognitive, Language, and Motor Scales .... 9
Standard Procedures   9
Testing Environment 9
Persons Present 10
Establishing and Maintaining Rapport 10
Test Materials 10
Food Pellets 11
Stimulus Book 11
Connecting Blocks 11
Cleaning and Preparing Test Materials 14
Caregiver Report   14
Fundamental Administration Videotape and
Enhanced Administration DVD. 14
Scoring Assistant With PDA Administration   14
General Administration Guidelines
for the Cognitive, Language, and Motor Scales 15
Administration Time 15
Reversal and Discontinue Rules   15
Timing   17
Multiple Responses -17


Left and Right Administration.
Training Items
Series Items
Subtest and Item Order
General Scoring Guidelines for the Cognitive, Language,
and Motor Scales
Multiple Responses
Incidental Observations
Completing the Record Form
Record Form Item Information and Scoring
Completing the Cover Page of the Record Form
Calculating Age
Start Points
Preparing the Social-Emotional and Adaptive Behavior Questionnaire
Completing the Cover Page of the Questionnaire
Calculating Age
Start Points and Stop Points
Completing the Summary Pages
Calculating Total Raw Scores
Total Raw Scores for Subtests in the Record Form
Total Raw Scores for the Questionnaire
Calculating Scaled Scores
Determining Composite Scores
Determining Percentile Rank and Confidence Intervals
Plotting Profiles of Scores
Completing the Discrepancy Comparisons
Supplemental Analysis for the Social-Emotional Scale
Supplemental Analyses for the Adaptive Behavior Scale
Plotting Scores to Measure Growth
Plotting Social-Emotional Growth
Determining Developmental Age
Completing the Caregiver Report
Unique Factors That May Influence Relative Performance
Testing Children With Physical or Language Impairments
Developmental Risk Indicators
Chapter 3 Subtest Administration and.'Scoring;
Scoring Rules
Cognitive Scale
Language Scale
Receptive Communication Subtest . . . Expressive Communication Subtest. . .
Bayley-lll Administration Manual


Motor Scale . . 120
Fine Motor Subtest 120
Gross Motor Subtest 145
Behavior Observation Inventory 172
Social-Emotional and Adaptive Behavior Questionnaire 173
Social-Emotional Scale . 173
Adaptive Behavior Scale   173
Administration by Reading the Items to Respondents . 174
Checking the Completed Questionnaire 175
Check the Guessing Factor . 176
Appendix A Normative and Conversion Tables 177
Appendix i Supplemental Tables d 213
Appendix C Bayley-HI Accommodations and Modifications 221
Appendix D Working Drawings for Stairs 229
Appendix E Materials by Subtest 231
Appendix F Items in the Fundamental Administration Videotape 235
Appendix C Cuts Designs Sheet. 239
Appendix H Growth Charts 243
References    265
List of Tables
Table 1.1 Types of Scores Available for Bayley-III Scales and Subtests 5
Table 2.1 Bayley-III Start Points Determined by Age in Months and Days 29
List of Figures
Figure 1.1 Structure and Content of the Bayley-III 2
Figure 2.1 Test Materials 12
Figure 2.2 Application of the Reversal Rule and Discontinue Rule 16
Figure 2.3 Series Item 18
Figure 2.4 Scoring Items in a Series 19
Figure 2.5 Item Information 27
Figure 2.6 Calculating Age With Adjustment for Prematurity   28
Figure 2.7 Start Point I (Ages 11 Months 0 Days-13 Months 15 Days)
on Receptive Communication 29
Figure 2.8 Calculating a Total Raw Score on the Record Form 32
Figure 2.9 Calculating a Total Raw Score on the Questionnaire   33
Figure 2.10 Completing the Subtest Summary Scores Page. 35
Figure 2.11 Completing the Score Profiles 36
Figure 2.12 Completing the Discrepancy Comparisons on the Record Form 37
Figure 2.13 Figure 2Л4 Figure 2.15 Figure 2.16 Figure 2.17 Figure 3.1 Completing the Social-Emotional Scale Supplemental Analysis Page Completing the Adaptive Behavior Scale Discrepancy Comparisons  Completing the Cognitive Growth Chart   Completing the Gross Motor Growth Chart   Completing the Social-Emotional Growth Chart   Completing the Questionnaire