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BSAVA Small Animal FORMULARY Exotic pets

BSAVA Small Animal FORMULARY Exotic pets

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Editorial Panel
Preface to the ninth edition
Notes on the monographs vii
Distribution categories wii
The prescribing cascade <
Drug storage and dispensing 3
Health and safety in dispensing xti
Drug listings and monographs (listed A-Z by generic name)
Appendix I: general information
Abbreviations 301
Writing a prescription 302
Guidelines for responsible antibacterial use 303
Dosing small and exotic animals 306
Composition of intravenous fluids 307
Safety and handling of chemotherapeutic agents 307
Percentage solutions 310
Drugs usage in renal and hepatic insufficiency '311
Suspected Adverse Reaction Surveillance Scheme 313
Further reading and useful websites 313
Appendix II: protocols
Chemotherapy protocols 3i5
Sedation/immobilization protocols 318
Index sorted by therapeutic class 323
Index (alphabetical by generic and trade names) 329