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Business Result Pre-intermediate Student's Book

Business Result Pre-intermediate Student's Book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Welcome to Business Result Pre-intermediate. In this book you will find:
I 16 units I Practice files I Information files I Audio scripts I I Interactive Workbook on DVD-ROM I
What's in a unit?
Starting point
an introduction to the unit
discussion questions
Working with words
reading and listening about the world of work
new words and phrases that you can use in your work
practise the new words in speaking activities
Language at work
grammar lessons in real work situations
helps you communicate better
practise grammar in the classroom in speaking activities
for more practice go to the Practice file
Practically speaking
essential words and phrases for general use
helps you sound more natural when you speak English
Business communication
key expressions for exchanging information, socializing, presenting, and meetings
real work situations
Key expressions list in every unit
Case study / Activity
authentic case study, or activity
improve your fluency
practise the language from the unit
What's in the Practice file?
Written exercises on the key language in
Working with words
Business communication
Language at work
plus a language reference section with more grammar explanations.
Use the Practice file
in class to check your understanding
after class for extra practice.
Follow the links to the Practice file in each unit
» For more exercises, go to Practice file 3 on page 106.
What's the Interactive Workbook on DVD-ROM?
The Interactive Workbook lets you practise the language from the
Student’s Book. It also helps you test your own progress. Use it at
home or in the office to practise the language you learn in class.
Exercises and Tests
practise key language with interactive exercises
check your progress with unit tests
check the meaning of over 400 words and phrases
listen to the words and add your translation
listen to the key expressions from the Student’s Book
learn new phrases for telephoning, exchanging information, socializing, travel, presenting, and meetings
create your personal phrasebook
learn useful phrases for writing emails
copy example emails to use at work
Listen again
listen again to the Student’s Book audio, or download to your MP3 player
Watch a video clip related to a section in the unit. Every unit has a video clip which recycles and extends the language of the unit.
Complete the interactive exercises while you watch the video clips
This icon VIDEO shows you the section of the unit that the video relates to. Watch the video after you have completed the work in the Student’s Book.
© » Interactive Workbook »
Fast-track option
If you are on a short course, you can do the fast-track option. For each unit, do Language at work, Practically speaking, and Business communication in class. You can do the other sections in your own time if you wish.