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Business Result: Upper-Intermediate: Student's Book

Business Result: Upper-Intermediate: Student's Book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Welcome to Business Result Upper-intermediate.
In this book you’ll find:
I 16 units I Practice file I Information files I Audio scripts I I Useful phrases I Interactive Workbook on CD-ROM I
We hope you find this introduction useful, and that you enjoy using the course.
What's in a unit?
Starting point
an introduction to the unit topic
discussion questions
Working with words
reading and listening based on themes from business and the world of work
important new words and phrases that you can use immediately in your work
practise the new vocabulary in a realistic final activity
Business communication skills
presents key expressions for exchanging information, attending meetings, presenting information, and socializing
helps you express yourself more clearly in real work situations
lets you choose which phrases to use from the Key expressions list in every unit
Practically speaking
teaches really useful everyday phrases for small talk, telephoning and short conversations
helps you sound more natural when you speak English
Language at work
reviews key grammar from Business communication skills
helps you communicate more accurately in real work situations
lets you check your knowledge of grammar and practise it in the classroom
if you need more explanation, refer to the language reference
section in the Practice file
Case study
each unit ends with an authentic case study
find out about situations related to the unit topic that affect real companies and organizations
take part in a longer work-related activity with lots of opportunities to practise the language from the unit
Fast-track option
If time on your course is limited, Business Result has a unique fast-track option to use in class. For each unit, combine the Business communication skills section and the Case study. This creates a practical, highly communicative shorter course, enabling you to get the maximum benefit from your Business English studies - fast.
What's in the Practice file?
The Practice file is like a mini-workbook in the back of the Studenti Book. It allows you to think about and practise important words, phrases and grammar It has written exercises on the key language from each unit, plus a language reference section with more detailed grammar explanations.
Use the Practice file
in class to check your understanding
after class for extra practice
Follow the links to the Practice file in each unit
» For more information and exercises, go to Practice file 3 on page 107
What's the Interactive Workbook on CD-ROM?
Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to using English at work. The Interactive Workbook gives you practical tools to use immediately in your work by helping you to practise the language and skills from the Student's Book, and make them personal to you and your own work situation, It also helps you review and test your own progress.
Exercises and tests
* review and practise key language with interactive exercises
* check your progress with unit tests
check the meaning of around 600 words and phrases
personalize the vocabulary to your needs
* listen to all the key expressions from the Student's Book
learn phrases for exchanging information, meetings, presenting socializing, telephoning, and travel
* create your own personal phrasebook to match your needs at work
* learn useful phrases for writing the most common work-related emails
* copy model emails to your out-box, or create your own
Listen again
listen again to the Student s Book audio recordings, or download to your MP3 player
Wherever you see this link, it means you can access extra material on the Interactive Workbook.
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