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CAE Gold Coursebook

CAE Gold Coursebook

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Unit Grammar Vocabulary Reading
7 Tuning in  P-6 Overview p 7  Verb tenses (perfect aspect) P-13 Word formation (suffixes) p 10 Send in the clones multiple matching (Part 4) p.8
£ Spend it or save it  p. 18 Defining and non-defining relative clauses p 22 Articles p.27 Compound adjectives p.24 Advertising and marketing p.26 Exam focus: multiple choice (Part 1)  Extracts p.20
^ What makes us ** tick Modal verbs 1 p 31 Gerunds and infinitives p.36 Adjectives of character p.30 The power of saying sorry multiple choice (Part 3) p.34
^ Pushing the boundaries  p.42 Conditionals (overview) p.44 Conditionals (advanced) p.48 Science: open cloze p 42 Word formation p.48 Collocations, fixed phrases and idioms p.50 Murphy's law gapped text (Part 2) p.46
^ Thrills and skills  p.54 Intensifiers/modifiers p.55 Intensifying comparative forms p.60 Word formation (prefixes) p.58  Sports idioms p.61 Exam focus: multiple matching (Part 4)  Thrills and skills p.56
Family ties  J p.68 Hypothetical meaning - wish p.70  Substitution/ellipsis p.74 Word + preposition(s) p.71 Easily confused words p.77 Be home by 9.30 p.68  Extracts, multiple choice (Part 1) p.72
*7 Creative talents  M p.80 Ways of referring to the future p.85  Verb patterns p.88 Phrasal verbs p.81 Words with similar meaning p.87 Good game but is it art? multiple choice (Part 3) p.82
C What keeps us going  p.92 Direct and reported speech p.96  Reporting words p 99 Three-part phrasal verbs p.92 Exam focus: gapped text (Part 2)  My dream job p .94
Q On the road  p.104 Review of narrative tenses p.105  Emphasis (cleft sentences with what) p.110 Dependent prepositions -adjectives and nouns p.108 How to be a good traveller multiple matching (Part 4) p.106
J fi Close to nature  X17 p.116 Countable/uncountable nouns p. 117 Introductory It p 122 Phrasal verbs and compound nouns p 124 A safari to save the big cats gapped text (Part 2) p.118
J 1 Always on my mind  p.130 Modal verbs 2 p. 130 Emphasis with inversion p 135 Expressions with take, mind and brains p. 131 Phrasal verbs and expressions with think p.136 Exam focus: multiple choice (Part 3)  Where is my mind? p 132
7 A matter of time  p.142 Passives 1 p.144  The future in the past p.147 Idiomatic language/ collocations p 144 Extracts, multiple choice (Part 1) p 142 Book synopses p.146
J A way with words  p.154 Participle clauses p. 156 Passives 2 p. 161 Adverbials expressing attitude p.156 Communication - idioms p.160  Similes (like/as) p.163 The Ghost Writers multiple matching (Part 4) p 154
J A It's how you tell it  p.166 Mistakes to avoid p.173 Books and stories p.169 Synonyms p.171 Extracts, multiple choice (Part 1) p.166 Planning to take an exam? p.176
Drafting and organising (Part 1) p.15
* assessment criteria
* paragraph planning
Informal letter (Part 2) p 28
* register
* including necessary information
Information sheet (Part 2) p.39
* checking for mistakes
Article (Part 2) p.52 * introductory paragraphs
A reference (Part 2) p.64
* including relevant information
* paragraph plans
Use of English Listening Speaking
The power of file sharing open cloze (Part 2) p. 12 Extracts Multiple choice (Part 1) P-6 Exam focus: conversation (Part 1) p 13
Sell your stuff online word formation (Part 3) p.23 Radio programme p.18 Consumerism in society multiple choice (Part 3) p.24 Giving opinions p.19
The truth behind a smile multiple-choice cloze (Part 1) p.38 Exam focus: multiple matching (Part 4) Changing your name p.33 Language of possibility and speculation p.37
Exam focus: gapped sentences (Part 4) p 51 Exam focus: multiple choice (Part 1) Extracts p.45 The Red Canary sentence completion p.47 Parts 3 and 4 p.43
Counterfactual thinking word formation (Part 3) p.58 Online gilding open cloze (Part 2)  p.62 How sport has changed multiple matching (Part 4) p.54 Indoor climbing multiple choice (Part 3) p.63 Agreeing and adding information (Parts 3 and 4) p.59
Competition entry (Part 2) p.78
* adding interest
* being persuasive
Review (Part 2) p.90
* varying language
Proposal (Part 1) p. 101
* difference between report and proposal
Competition entry (Part 2) p.113
* identifying key elements
Exam focus: key word transformations (Part 5) p.76
A case of collection madness word formation (Part 3) p 88
How to make a good initial impression word formation (Part 3) p.93 Teenage airline boss multiple-choice cloze (Part 1) p 96
Exam focus: open cloze (Part 2)
Holiday snaps p. 112
Family life p.69 Mother and child p.75
Exam focus: sentence completion (Part 2) The cow
parade p 80
Are you a self-starter? p 92 Amy Kyme multiple choice (Part 3) p 98
The hungry cyclist sentence completion (Part 2) p.109
Exam focus: collaborative task/discussion (Parts 3 and 4)
Two-way conversation (Part 3)
p 81
Individual long turn (Part 2) p.84 Comparing (Part 2) p.99
Choosing an image (Parts 3 and 4) p.104
Individual long turn (Part 2) p. 111
Report (Part 1) p. 125
* writing plans
* report dos and don'ts
Sounding interested p. 123
Sniffer dog earns more than Police Chief open cloze (Part 2) p. 121
How eco-friendly are you? p 116 Exam focus: multiple choice (Part 3) Insects from Hell p 120
Article (Part 2) p.138 * adding interest
How to concentrate multiple-choice
cloze (Part 1) p.134
Gapped sentences (Part 4) p. 137
Laughter yoga sentence completion (Part 2) p.138
Individual long turn (Part 2) p.136
Puzzles p.140
Essay (Part 2) p. 151
* presentation of arguments
* linking words and phrases
Proposal (Part 2) p. 163
* organisation
* checking for mistakes
Exam focus: word formation (Part
3) The enigma of time travel p. 146 Star Trek the future as predicted in the past open cloze (Part 2) p 150 Exam focus: multiple-choice cloze (Part 1) An unusually successful lesson p. 158
Computer games multiple matching (Part 4) p.148
Two-way conversation (Part 3) p.148
Extracts, multiple choice (Part 1) p. 162
Discussion (Parts 3 and 4) p. 158
The set book (Part 2) p. 172 Paper 2 overview p.174
The birth of popular culture open cloze (Part 2) p. 168
Extracts, multiple choice (Part 1) p.170
Exam focus: Parts 1-4 p.170