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CAE GOLD PLUS exam maximiser

CAE GOLD PLUS exam maximiser

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата


Vocabulary 1: music 1 p.8
Grammar 1: overview . p.9
Listenipgysentence completion (Part 2) p.9
Reading: multiple matching (Part 4) p.10
Vocabulary?: entertainment: music p.12
Use of English: word formation (Part 3) p.12
Speaking: Part 1 p.13
Grammar 2: verb tenses (perfect aspect) p.13
Use of English: open doze (Part 2) p.13
Writing: a forma! letter (Part 1) p. 14
Reading: multiple choice (Part 1) p.16
Vocabulary 1: compound adjectives p.18
Listening; multiple choice (Part 3) p.19
Grammar 1: relative clauses p.2Q
Use of English: open doze (Part 2) p.20
Vocabulary 2: advertising and marketing p.21
Use of English: word formation (Part 3) p.21
Speaking: Part 3 p.22
Grammar 2: articles p.22
Writing: informal letter (Part 2) p 23
Listening: multiple matching (Part 4) p.24
Vocabulary 1; adjectives of character p.24
Use of English: multiple choice doze (Part 1) p.25
Reading: multiple choice (Part 3) p.26
Grammar 1; modal verbs 1 [ p.28
Vocabulary 2: relationships p.29
Speaking: Part 2 p.29
Grammar 2: gerunds and infinitives p.30
Use of English: key word transformations (Part 5) p.30
Writing: a contribution to a longer piece (Part 2) p.31
Reading: gapped text (Part 2) p.32
Vocabulary 1: science and medicine p.34
Listening: short texts (Part 1) p.35
Grammar 1: conditionals 1 p,36
Use of English: gapped sentences (Pari 4} p.36
Vocabulary 2: collocations and fixed phrases p.37
Grammar 2: conditionals 2 p.38
Use of English: key word transformations (Part 5) p.38
Speaking: three-way discussion (Part 4} p.39
Writing: article (Part 1} p.39
Vocabulary 1 : sport p.40
Grammar 1: Intensifiers/modifiers p.41
Reading: multiple matching (Part 4} p.42
Listening: multiple choice (Part 3) p.44
Vocabulary 2: prefixes p.44
Use of English: word formation (Part 3) p.45
Speaking p.45
Grammar 2: comparatives p.46
Use of English: open cloze (Part 2) p.46
Writing: a report (Part 2) p.47
Listening: multiple matching (Part 4) p.48
Vocabulary 1: word + preposition collocations p.49
Grammar 1: wish p.50
Vocabulary 2: easily confused words p.51
Use of English: key word transformations (Part 5) p.51
Reading: short texts (Part 1) p.52
Use of English: open doze (Part 2) p,54
Grammar 2: substitution/ellipsis p.54
Writing: competition entry (Part 2) p.54
Reading: multiple choice (Part 3) p.56
Grammar 1: the future p.58
Vocabulary 1: phrasal verbs p.59
listening: sentence completion (Part 2) p.60
Vocabulary 2: words with similar meaning p.60
Use of English: word formation (Part 3) p.61
Speaking: Part 4 p.61
Grammar 2: verb patterns p.62
Use of English: key word transformations (Part 5) p,62
Writing: review (Part 2) p.63


Listening: short texts (Part 1) p,64
Vocabulary 1: compounds: verb + prep p.64
Grammar 1: indirect speech p.66
Vocabulaiy 2: work qualities p.66
Speaking p.67
Use of English: rпиlUple choice cloze (Part 1) p.67
Reading: gapped text (Part 2) p.68
Grammar 2: reporting words p.70
Writing: letter of application (Part 2) p,7G
Voc a b u I a ry 1 : tra vet p. 7 2
Listening: sentente completion (Part 2) p.73
Reading: multiple matching (Part 4) p.74
Grammar 1: review of narrative tenses p./b
vocabulary 2: dependent prepositions p.76
Use of Lnylish; word formation (Pat 13) p.77
Speaking: individual questions (Part 4) p.77
Grammar 2: deft sentences p.78
Use of Lnylish: key vvoiu Lansformations (Part 5) p.78
VVi'itlng: proposal 1) p,79
Reading: gapped text (Part 2) p.80
Listening; multiple choice (Part 3) p.82
Grammar 1: countable/uncountable nouns p.83
Vocabulary 1: linkiny words/texi referring words p.83
vocabulary 2: the naluial world p.83
Use of English: gapped sentences (Part 4) p.85
Use of English: open cloze (Part 2) j p.8G
Grammar 2: preparatory it (subject antf object) p.86
Speaking: Part 3 p.86
Writing: report (Part 1) j p.87
Vocabulary '!: expression with take, /mod and brain p.88 Listening: short extracts (Part 1) p.89
Grammar 1: modal verbs 2 p.90
Speaking: Part 2: Liming p.9G
Vocabulary 2: phrasal verbs with think p.91
Reading: multiple choice (Part 3) p.92
Grammar 2; emphasis will) inversion p.94
Use of .Lnylish: key word transformations (Part 5) p.94
Writing: ai tide (Part 2) p.95
Vocabulary 1: expressions with time and future p.96
Listening: multiple matching (Part 4) p.97
Reading: short texts (Part 1) p.98
Grammar 1: passives l p.10G
English ili Use: open cloze (Pari 2) p_ 100
Vocabulary 2: idiomatic language p.101
, Speaking: Part 3 p.101
Grammar 2: the future in the past p.102
Writing; essay (Part 2) p.1G3
Listening; sentence completion (Part 2) p. 104
Vocabulary 1: adverbials expressing attitude and communication idioms p. 105
Reading: multiple matching (Part 4) p.106
Grammar 1: participle clauses p.108
Vocabulary 2: similes p.108
Speaking: Part 4 p.109
Grammar 2: passives 2 (usage) p.110
Use of English: key word transformations (Part 5) p.110
Writing: proposal (Part 2) p.111
Reading: gapped text. (Part 2} p.113
Vocabulary 1 : books and stories p. 114
Speaking p.114
Listening; short texts (Part 1) p.115
Grammar 1: expressions with get and have p.116
Use of English: gapped sentences (Part 4) p.116
Vocabulary 2: synonyms ; p. 116
Use of English:,word formation (Part 3) p.117
Grammar 2: mistakes p.118
Writing 1: the set text question (Part 2) p.118
Writing 2: the set text question (Part 2) p.119