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Cambridge English for the Media

Cambridge English for the Media

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Newspapers page 6
Writing headlines

Analysing newspaper articles

Practising interview skills

Planning and writing a newspaper article
Creating cohesion in texts Using open and closed question forms Understanding bias in texts Writing introductions and conclusions
Understanding the language of radio presenters Understanding the production process Planning a news list Giving post-production feedback
Introducing radio programmes The language of radio production

Phrases followed by noun or gerund

Giving instructions Phrasal verbs
Magazines page 30
Composing magazine covers

Planning the contents of a magazine

Giving instructions for a photo shoot

Planning and writing a true-life story
The language of magazine covers

Stylistic devices Future verb forms The language of email correspondence The language of

answerphone messages Narrative tenses

An interview Reading

Newspaper headlines Newspaper articles Notes from an interview Plan for writing a newspaper article


Briefing someone over the phone Reading

Radio commissioning brief 24-hour schedule of a radio producer A news list

Post-production feedback email Listening

An editorial meeting Answerphone messages Reading

An email arranging a photo shoot

A true-life story
Television page 42
Understanding the pre-production process Organising a filming schedule

Filming on location Editing a TV documentary

Writing a screenplay Pitching successfully Organising a shoot Writing a film review
The language of television production Expressing modality Vocabulary of filming procedures and equipment

Asking for and making suggestions Vocabulary of editing a television documentary

Features of written dialogue Technical vocabulary of filming

Vocabulary of film distribution Language connectors Language of film reviews

Planning the agenda of a news broadcast

Planning the making of a TV documentary Filming on location Editing a TV documentary Reading

A filming schedule An email giving editing instructions


A pitching session A pre-filming meeting Reading

Scenes from a screenplay A query letter

Internet advert for a pitching training session A film review


New media page 63
Advertising page 74
Marketing page 84
Briefing a website designer

Analysing problems and providing solutions

Planning and writing a blog

Creating a podcast
Selling your services to a potential client Creating a print advert Creating a screen advert

Presenting a finished advert
Analysing market trends and taking action Setting up a marketing communication strategy

Organising the relaunch of a product Evaluating the success of a relaunch
Language focus Texts
Technical vocabulary of websites

Asking for and giving definitions and clarification

Using adjectives to enhance a text

Words with multiple meanings

The vocabulary of spoken language Collocations

Reassuring and convincing Language of slogans Language of brainstorming Technical vocabulary of

screen adverts Language for presenting

A meeting with a website designer A podcast Reading

A project vision statement A web page
Describing market trends The vocabulary of

communication strategies Expressing encouragement Using the present perfect to describe improvements

A meeting with a prospective client

A brainstorming session for an advertising campaign A presentation of an advertising campaign Reading A contact report Print adverts

A pre-production meeting document


A meeting to analyse sales of a product

A meeting to analyse problems and propose solutions A meeting to plan a relaunch A meeting to analyse

effectiveness of a relaunch Reading Graphs

An activity scheduling document A press release A newspaper review