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Cardiac electrophysiology and catheter ablation

Cardiac electrophysiology and catheter ablation

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Cardiac electrophysiology is an expanding field with rapidly evolving technologies. The role of interventional electrophysiology in the management of patients with arrhythmias is increasing, particularly for atrial fibrillation. We intend this book to not only be used to provide specialist level knowledge for a broad range of medical, technical and industry personnel now involved in the specialty, but also as a resource for anyone with an interest in learning more about cardiac electrophysiology and catheter ablation.

The aim of this pocket-sized handbook is to both simplify and clarify the basic electrophysiological principles of many arrhythmias in a highly illustrated way, as well as providing practical advice on performing catheter ablation in patients with a variety of arrhythmias. Despite its small size it comprehensively covers supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias, ablation technologies and techniques. The step-by-step approach provided is designed to facilitate the use of the book for real-life scenarios in the catheter laboratory and to demystify this traditionally inaccessible field for the wider cardiology community. Schematics, fluoroscopy, electrograms recordings, and illustrations are used to explain simple and complex electrophysiological concepts arid procedures. Hints and ‘top tips’, gained from the authors’ extensive experience, are provided to help put theory into practice.

Where necessary we hope that readers will be stimulated to look for more detail in larger, traditional textbooks or journals, but this book will serve as the day-to-day resource to which they can turn in those moments in the electrophysiology laboratory or clinic when there is a need for just a little guidance . . .

Dr Yaver Bashir Dr Timothy R. Betts Dr Kim Rajappan