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Career Paths English Police SB

Career Paths English Police SB

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Scope and Sequence
Unit Topic Reading  Context Vocabulary Function
1 Describing  Suspects Wanted  poster height, build, complexion, facial hair, distinctive mark, dress, overweight, mustache, pale, tattoo Describing a person
2 Describing  Citizens Bulletin minor, thin, blonde, glasses, jeans, t-shirt, scar, freckles, sneakers, report Confirming  details
3 Describing  Vehicles Stolen Vehicle List make, model, horsepower, body type, year, identifiable, registration, license plate, dent, distinguishing feature Getting more information
4 Describing Personal Items 1 Newspaper  Article camera, backpack, wallet, watch, jewelry, bracelet, credit card, checkbook, cell phone, briefcase Listing items
5 Describing Personal Items 2 Police  Report value, brand, shape, thickness, style, make-up, weight, gold, silver, diamond Asking for repetition
6 Directions -Walking Pamphlet cross, police station, bus stop, train station, on foot, block, crosswalk, across, past, beside, go down Giving  directions
7 Directions -Driving Website side street, freeway, exit, intersection, parking lot, u-turn, light, go over, go through, take Describing a location
8 Emergency  Calls Police  Manual dispatch, identify, emergency, respond, code, badge number, location, offense, suspect, back up Accepting a task
9 Traffic Stops Traffic  Ticket traffic stop, ticket, moving violation, speed, zone, failure (to stop), insurance, driver's license, expired, offense, citation Apologizing
10 Car  Accidents Accident  Report accident, injury, damage, vehicle, witness, point of impact, run, collision, on scene, working order Describing past events
11 Theft:  Pickpocket Newspaper  Article pickpocket, theft, valuables, personal items, purse, distraction, bump into, victimize, protect, awareness Asking for help
12 Theft: Hotel Room Police  Report hotel, room key, break into, safe, burglary, staff, rob, thief, suspect, forced entry Disagreeing with an opinion
13 Robbery Police  Report robbery, mug, knifepoint, threaten, steal, cash, ring, approach, come up, demand Checking on someone's condition
14 Fraud: Taxi Website taxi, cab, licensed, fare, charge, luggage, safety, ID badge, regulation, kidnap, overcharge, fraud Warning  someone
15 Theft: Auto Bulletin rental car, tourist, idle, ignition, keys, running, recover, VIN, joy ride, spike strip Asking for agreement
Chapter 1 - Descriptions
Unit 1 - Suspects 4
Unit 2 - Citizens 6
Unit 3 - Vehicles 3
Unit 4 - Personal items 1 10
Unit 5 - Personal items 2 12
Chapter 2 - Operations
Unit 6-Walking directions 14
Unit 7 - Driving directions 16
Unit 8 - Emergency calls 18
Unit 9 - Traffic stops 20
Unit 10 - Car accidents 22
Chapter 3 - Crimes
Unit 11 - Pickpocket 24
Unit 12 - Hotel room theft 26
Unit 13 - Robbery 28
Unit 14 - Taxi fraud 30
Unit 15 - Auto theft 32