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Challenges Teachers Handbook 4

Challenges Teachers Handbook 4

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Key Words: Communication
Grammar: Present tenses review Word Builder: Multi-part verbs (1)
Sentence Builder since and for Sentence Builder Negative questions Key Expressions: Opinions Listen Closely: stress in common expressions
Word Builder: Opposites
stady Corner 1 (p-14)
Listening: The Challenges characters Reading: An advert Speaking: Teenagers and communication
Reading: Artide on animal communication
Reading: Article on blogs; examples of blogs Writing: interactive dass blog -
Reading and Listening: The Challenges story Speaking Help: Gass Discussions Speaking: A discussion Everyday Listening: Short conversations
Reading: Smoke signals, drums and a whistling language Speaking: Languages and codes f Project:)An article on communication jP
Study Help: Using the Internet
Get Ready (p. 15)
Wacky News (pp. 16-17)
Breaking News (pp. 18-19)
6 Finding News
(pp. 20-21)
Your Challenge (p. 22)
Key Words: Media
Grammar: Past tenses review; Past Perfect
Word Builder: Compound adjectives Sentence Builder Linking with after/ before + -ing + clause
Key Expressions: Personal news Listen dosely: Confusing word boundaries
Text Builder: Organisation; informal language; ellipsis in informal written language
Understanding Grammar (p. 23) Verb patterns Study Comer 2 (p. 24)
Get Ready (p. 25)
7 Scouts (pp. 26-27)
8 Getting Involved (pp. 28-29)
9 The River (pp. 30-31)
Across Cultures 2
(pp. 32-33)
Study Corner 3 (p. 34)
Get Ready (p. 35)
10 Auction (pp. 36-37)
11 Funny Money (pp. 38-39}
12 Value for Money (pp. 40-41)
Your Challenge
(P. 42)
Key Words: Communities
Grammar: Present perfect and Present Perfect Continuous
Word Builder: Multi-part verbs (2)
Sentence Builder Transitive multi-part verbs
Key Expressions: Making arrangements Sentence Builder: I’d rather go / I’d rather not
Pronundation: /зи/, /ао/, /ю/ and /ai/
Word Builder: Verb/noun collocations
p The news Speaking: The media Reading: Unusual news stories
Reading Help: Headlines
Reading: Imaginary news stories from history
Speaking: What’s in the news?
Reading & Listening: The Challenges story Speaking: Roieplays Everyday listening: Personal news and gossip
[Writing:)An E-mail И Writing Help: Planning E-mails and Letters
Study Help: Informal / Formal Language
Listening: Community survey Speaking: Your community Writing: A relationship network
Reading: Artide about scouts around the world
Key Words: Money
Grammar: The Passive
Key Words: Materials Word Builder: Partitives Sentence Builder: so ... that 1 such a ... that
Key Expressions: Complaining Pronunciation: Problem consonant sounds
Text Builder: Reason linkers because, because of, since, as
Reading: Letter to a newspaper Speaking: Community involvement
Reading and Listening: The Challenges story
Speaking: Roieplays Everyday Listening: Radio programme
Listening Help: Working Out Meaning
Reading: Clan Macrae and the Maoris
Speaking: Family get-togethers Project: A celebration IP
Study Help: Unknown Words
Listening: Radio programme about teenagers and money Speaking: Pocket money
Reading: An eBay auction
Reading: Article about the history of money Speaking: Negotiating
Reading and Listening: The Challenges story Speaking Help: Being Polite Speaking: Shop roieplays Everyday Listening: Shopping Situations
nVr®ng:)A Letter of Complaint ft Writing Help: Formal E-mails or Letters
Understanding Grammar (p. 43) Articles: the Study Corner 4 (p. 44)
Study Help: Communication Problems
Get Ready (p. 45) Key Words: Figures e.g. decimals, estimates, fractions Listening: Documentary on the world s water Speaking: How much water do you use?
13 Underwater Treasure (pp. 4f^47) Grammar: Modals for present and past speculation Reading: Article about underwater treasure
5 Water 14 Natural Wonders  (pp. 48-49) Key words: Landscape  Word Builder Collocations  Sentence Builder: although and despite Reading Help: Descriptions of Patagonia, the Victoria Falls and the Everglades Speaking: Describing a place
15 Bristol Zoo  (pp. 50-51) Key Expressions: Giving a Presentation Pronundation: Sounds for the spelling ‘ea’: ivJ, lei, lisi, lesi, /з:/, lei/ Reading and Listening: The Challenges story  Speaking Help: Giving Presentations  Everyday Listening: Class presentation about otters
Across Cultures 3  (pp. 52-53)  Study Corner 5 (p. 54) Word Builder: Adverbs and intensifiers e.g. extremely; quite, rather Reading: Artide about the history of tea and coffee Speaking: Questionnaire ProjectTA poster ft Study Help: Writing Tasks
Key Words: The environment Grammar: Future Continuous
Word Builder: get and take Sentence Builder Prepositions + -ing
Sentence Builder get with the passive Key Expressions: Interviews Listen Closely: Shifting word stress
Text Builder: Organisation; linking review; purpose; so that, in case, in order to
(p. 63) Modals referring to the past
24 The Police Station
(pp. 80-81)
Your Challenge (p. 82) Understanding Grammar Study Corner 8 (p. 84)
Get Ready (p. 85)
Г 25 History Detectives (pp. 86-87)
26 Sherlock Holmes
(pp. 88-89)
27 The Factory (pp. 90-91)
Across Cultures 5
'pp. 92-93)
Studv Corner 9 (p. 94)
Get Ready (p. 95)
: Mad Genius?
(pp. 96-97)
29 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (pp. 98-99)
30 Success!
(pp. 100-101)
Listening: Two points of view Speaking: Environment questionnaire Reading: Article and dialogue about ‘going green’
Reading: Gift brochure Reading Help: Facts and Opinions Speaking: Information gap
Reading and listening: The Challenges story Speaking: Roieplays Everyday Listening: Weather forecast for 2080
■Writing: A For/Against Essay Щ
Study Help: Noticing Language
Listening: Street survey about style Speaking: Survey Reading: Article about fashion in the 1920s
Reading Help: Sentence Gaps Reading: Life story of Waris Dirie Speaking: Guess the celebrity game
Reading and Listening: The Challenges story Speaking: Describing people in photos Everyday Listening: Short dialogues
Reading: Body art in history Speaking: Body decoration APrdjecT: Description of a famous person fg;
Study Help: Dictionary Skills (1): phonetic symbols
Listening: TV programme about sport Speaking: Your sport Reading: Great sporting moments
Reading: Article on the Olympics Reading Help: Taking Notes Speaking: The Olympics
Reading and Listening: The Challenges story Speaking: Roieplays Everyday Listening: Sports news
yWriting: A Sports Survey and Report F Writing Help: Checking
Study Help: English Outside School
Listening: Famous fictional detectives Speaking: Talking about qualities Reading: Interview with an archaeologist
Reading: Story - The Hound of the Baskervilles Speaking: Information gap
Reading and Listening: The Challenges story Speaking: Roieplays Everyday Listening: Two crime scenes
Reading: A Mystery Solved - Easter Island Speaking: Environmental issues ‘Trojecfc An article about an unsolved historical mystery Study Help: Revision for Exams
Listening: Descriptions of paintings; musical extracts Speaking: Imagining and describing a scene suggested by music
Reading: Article about gifted artists
Reading: Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Speaking: Inventing a fantasy world
Reading and Listening: The Challenges story Speaking: Guided conversation Everyday Listening: Conversations Listening Help: Answering Questions
7 Writing: A Story IP Writing Help: Planning
Study Help: Dictionary Skills (2): non-literal language
Ц TIMEOUT! (pp, 108-121) WORD BANK (pp. 122-128)
Irregular Verb List (p. 128) Ш = For your portfolio
Get Ready {p. 55)
16 Going Green (pp. 56-57)
17 Fair Trade (pp. 58-59)
18 Local Hero (pp. 60-61)
Your Challenge (p. 62)
Understanding Grammar
Study Corner 6 (p. 64)
Get Ready (p. 65)
Key Words: Clothes
19 Roaring Twenties (pp. 66-67) Grammar: used to and would
20 Desert Flower (pp. 68-69) Word Builder: Prepositions in common phrases Sentence Builder: look like and be like
■НВм| 21 Fashion Show (pp. 70-71) Key Words: Looks Sentence Builder: looks ..., looks likelook... Key Expressions: Describing people Listen closely: Intonation in questions
'--7 -;’-i ; Across Cultures 4  (pp. 72-73) Sentence Builder: have something done Word Builder: Verbs and prepositions
. '■  -- - at - Study Corner 7 (p. 74)
Get Ready (p. 75)
22 Magic Moments
(PP- 76—77)
23 The Olympics (pp. 78-79)
Key Words: Sports Grammar: Reported statements
Word Builder: Multi-part verbs (3)
Sentence Builder: as well as, apart from, instead of + noun
Key Expressions: Giving advice
Listen closely: Changing meaning with stress
Text Builder: Organisation; linking review (p. 83) Talking about quantity
Key Words: Crime Grammar: Reported questions
Word Builder Idiomatic expressions Sentence Builder: Having done ...
Sentence Builder Indirect questions
Key Expressions: Requests
Listen Closely: Word boundaries in questions
Word Buijder Word families e.g. big, enormous, massive, vast
Key Words: Adjectives for paintings
Grammar: Past Conditional
Word Builder Noun and adjectival suffixes Sentence Builder: Prepositions at the end of relative clauses
Key Expressions: Conversation - interrupting, changing topic, etc Listen Closely: Word boundaries
i Your Challenge (p. 102) Text Builder: Time linking review; organisation Understanding Grammar (p. 103) wish Study Corner 10 (p. 104)
Student A Activities (p. 105), Student B Activities (p. 107)
Questionnaire answers, Fact or Fictio