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Choices elementary student's book

Choices elementary student's book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

A Me
(pp. 6-7)
B My Class
(pp. 8)
C My Abilities
(P- 9)
D My Stuff
(pp. 10-11)
6 My Family
(pp. 12-13)
F My Lessons
Vocabulary: Personal information
Pronunciation: Word stress
Grammar: to be; Subject and object pronouns
Vocabulary: Instructions Grammar: Imperatives
Vocabulary: Abilities Grammar: can/can't
Vocabulary: Things; Adjectives; Colours Grammar: this, that, these, those; Possejssive's; Possessive pronouns
Vocabulary: family; Appearance; Adjectives Grammar: have/has got
Vocabulary: Subjects; Times Grammar: Ohjprt pronouns
Classroom Language: Asking about spelling Listening: Language school dialogue
Classroom Language: Asking for repetition Listening: Classroom instructions
Classroom Language: Asking for meaning Listening: Classroom dialogues
Classroom Language: Asking to use things Listening: Description of objects
Classroom Language: Asking about homework Listening: Interview about family
Classroom Language: Asking for permission Listening: Classroom extracts
Topic Talk
1 The Super-Rich
(pp, 16-17):
2 Tradition
Writing Wofkstiop
Vocabulary network: My inteiests Pronunciation: Sentence stress
Grammar: Present Simple Grammar Alive: Talking about habits Sentence Builder: Adverbs of frequency
Sentence Builder: like for examples Word Builder: Plurals
Grammar: Present Simple questions Grammar Alive: Asking about habits
Talk Builder: Meeiing people Pronunciation: Intonation (expressions)
Text Builder: Informal style Sentence Builder: and/or
Listening: People's interests Speaking: Talking about your interests
Reading: Artide about super-rich teenagers (T/f) Listening: Dialogue abour people s in'm-es's
Reading: Article about a traditional lifestyle Listening: A talk about the Martu people
Reading: Interview about modern technology
DVD Choice: Mooting people Speaking: Introductions (Role-play)
Reading/Writing: An informal loiter (to a Irion;!.
Topic Talk
(p. 23)
4 My Zone
(pp. 24-25)
5 Smart Home
(pp. 26-27)
6 Micro Homes
(p. 28)
Vocabulary network: My home Pronunciation: Word stress
Gramrhar: there is/are, some/any Grammar Alive: Describing rooms
Builder: Multi-part verbs (1) ice Builder: Prepositions of place: in/on/bt
Speaking Workshop 2
(P- 29)
Language Review
(P- 30)
Culture Choice 1
(pp. 96-97)
Grammar: Countable/uncountable nouns and a lot of/no Sentence Builder: how much?/how many? Grammar Alive: Talking about quantity
Vocabulary network: feelings Talk Builder: Suggestions
Revisibn: (Gap fill)
Listening: Descriptions of homes Speaking: Talking about your home
Reading: A questionnaire about rooms Listening: Two descriptions of rooms
Reading: Article about a Japanese smart home (Matching) Writing: Description of a house
Reading: Interview about a micro home
DVD Choice: Making suggestions/responses ,
Speaking: Accepting and refusing suggestions (Role play)
Story:| Short story by 0. Henry Project: Write about your home
Topic Talk Vocabulary network: Going out Pronunciation: Silent i Listening: Favourite places Speaking: Talking about your lowri/city
7 Clubs  (PP. 32-33). Grammar: Comparatives • Grammar Alive: Comparing places Reading: Forum about clubs for teenagers Listening: Dialogue about two cafes
8 Free Fun  (pp: 34-35) : Word Builder: Verbs and prepositions Sentence Builder: Time prepositions: in/ Reading: Tourist information website (Gap fill)  Listening: Recorded information for London attractions (Gap fill)
9 Skaters Grammar: Superlatives Grammar Alive: Talking about cities Reading: Article about skateboarding on the Southbank Listening: 1 ne UK’s best city
Speaking Workshop 3  ЩШИИИ^т Talk Builder: Asking for information Pronunciation: Intonation (questions) DVD Choice: Asking for information Speaking: Information about concerts (Role-play)
Writing Workshop 2  (P. 38) Text Builder: Informal expressions Sentence Builder: and/bul Reading/Writing: Shu;; notes and i epees
Topic Talk  f-. *3Q\  W- 33} i Vocabulary network: Birthday memories Pronunciation: Dates Listening: Three descriptions ofj birthdays Speaking: Talking about your birthday memories
10 School Days  (pp. 40-41) Grammar: Past Simple Grammar Alive: Excuses Reading: A school memory Listening: Excuses  Speaking: Making excuses (Role-play)
11 Meeting People  (pp. 42-43) Word Builder: Adverbs Sentence Builder: Time linkers Reading: Article about family memories (T/F) Writing: Describing a memory j
12 Witnesses  (p. 44) Grammar: Past Simple questions Grammar Alive: Questioning Reading: Interview about a burglar
Speaking Workshop 4  (p. 45) Talk Builder: Talking about memories Pronunciation: Intonation (sentences) DVD Choice: Talking about membries Speaking: Talking about a memèry
Language Review  (p. 46} Revision: (Gap fill)
! Topic Talk  ШЯЯШЯвШШ Vocabulary network: Exer< is" Pronunciation: Sileni lei Isas Listening: Dialogue about oxciois° Speaking: Talking about your exercise
; 13 Super Athletes Grammar: Present Continuous Grammar Alive: Describing a scene Reading/Listening: Dialogue about an unusual nihien-:
! 14 Get Fit Sentence Builder: loo/not nnonyh Word Builder: Multi-par ! verbs (2; Reading: Adverts for fitness activities (Matching) Listening: Dialogues about fitness (Matching, T/F)
15 A Fitness Freak / Grammar: Present Continuous-v]j arrangements  Grammar Alive: Talking about апапсотепк Reading/Listening: Dialogue about a filnnss fieak
Speaking Workshop 5  ИИИИИИ1■ Talk Builder: Requests arid repaes W Pronunciation: Intonation (requests) DVD Choice: Requests and te.uiies Speaking: Requests (Role-play)
Writing Workshop 3 ; Text Builder: Accepting and refusing " invitations . ) Sentence Builder: 1 mkms and r.n Reading/Writing: Wiiting an invitation
Culture Choice 2  HHHHH Story: Extract from My family and Other Animals Project: Biography of a famous person
Topic Talk  (P- 55) Vocabulary network: People Pronunciation: Words ending in schwa hi Listening: Descriptions of people: age, occupations, personality j Speaking: Talking about family members ‘
16 Teenage Brains  (pp. 56-57) Grammar: Present Simple and Continuous Grammar Alive: Talking about activities Reading: Article about teenage brains !
17 My Rights  (pp. 58-59) Word Builder: Modifiers  Sentence Builder: Information about people Reading: Article about teens' rights (Multiple choice) Skills Builder:  Writing: Describe a school friend
18 Age Quiz  (P- 60) Grammar: Questions  Sentence Builder; Questions about subject/ object  Grarinmar Alive: Sharing personal information Reading: A quiz about age
Speaking Workshop 6  (p. 61) Talk Builder: Describing people in photos DVD Choice: Describing people in photos Speaking: Talking about a photo
Language Review  (P- 62) Revision: (Gap fill)
Culture Choice 3  (pp. 100-101) Story: Extract from Alice in Wonderland Project: A character from literature
TopicTàik-:^7', :'7 .r'c ‘. Vocabulary network: My films Pronunciation: Unstiessed words Listening: Favourite films  Speaking: Talking about your favourite films
19 Film.Makers  <&ЗШШВЖк  . .Ш-Л¥.‘м ..а'..*... и.  21 V  (PP- Grammar: be going to  Grammar Alive: Talking about intentions  Sentence Builder: like and would like Word Builder: -ed/ing adjectives  Grammar: have tolnot have to Grammar Alive: talking about obligations Reading: interview with a film maker  Listening: Dialogue with a film fan (Matching) Reading: Article about film festivals (Matching)  Reading/Listening: Intel view w.th a r.imeia орс-кАш
Speaking Workshop 7 Talk Builder: Agreeing and disagrc-cing Pronunciation: Intonation (replies) DVD Choice: Agreeing and disagreeing Speaking: Discussion about films
Writing Workshop 4 .7 , Text Builder: Formal expressions Reading/Writing: A formal email Skills Builder: A faunal email
1 !
Topic Talk  (p. 71) Vocabulary network: My food Pronunciation: Word stress Listening: Food and eating habits Speaking: Talking about your eating habits
22 Future Food  (pp. 72-73) Grammar: will/won't  Grammar Alive: Predicting the future Reading: Interview with a food expert Listening: Predictions
23 Good Food  (PP. 74-75) Word Builder: Confusing words Sentence Builder: because!because of Reading: Food from the sky Writing: Describing eating habits
24 Nutrition  (p. 76) Grammar: Present Conditional Granpmar Alive: Talking about habits Reading/Listening: Nutrition tips
Speaking Workshop 8  (P- 77) Talk Builder: At a café Pronunciation: Polite intonation DVD Choice: At a café  Speaking: Dialogue at a café (Role-play)
Language Review  (P 78) j ....  Revision: (Gap fill, Sentence transformation)
Culture Choice 4  (pp. 102-103) Review: The film Chocolat Project: A film revi lew :
Vocabulary network: Му country Pronunciation: Word stress Listening: Descriptions of countries Speaking: bilking about youi rountiy
Grammar: a/an/the Reading: Student life In trie USA
(pp:80r81)>\ .. Grammar Alive: Asking about places
26 Costa Rica -J .  (pP.'82;8sf^w^n;;#. Word Builder: Nationality adjectives Reading: Article from a travel website (Gap Fill) Listening: Dialogue about Costa Rica
27ìuropèahlbur,', v-/-. Grammar: someone, anyone, everyone, no one Reading/Listening: Dialogue between iwo tourists
(pp.84) 7 . • - V' Grammar Alive: Suggestions
Speaking Workshop S Talk Builder: Directions DVD Choice: Directions
Pronunciation: Intonation in questions Skills Builder: Asking for and giving directions
Speaking: Asking for and giving directions (Role-play)
Writing Workshop 5 Text Builder: Organisation Reading/Writing: A postcard
(P-86) Sentence Builder: !o for put pose
Listening: Favourite gadgets Speaking: Talking about technology
Reading: Opinions about gadgets
Topic Talk
(P- 87) ;
28 Useless Gadgets?
(pp. 88-89)
29 Internet Addicts
(pp. 90-91) I
30 Pet Gadgets
(p. 92) !
Speaking Workshop It
(P- 93)
Language Review
(p. 94) !
Culture Choice 5
(pp. 104-105)
Vocabulary network: My gadgets Pronunciation: 'Word stress
Grammar: Present Perfect
Sentence Builder: never
Grammar Alive: Talking about achievements
Word Builder: have Sentence Builder: indirect object
Grammar: Present Perfect questions
Sentence Builder: ever
Grammar Alive: Talking about experiences
Talk Builder: Shopping Pronunciation: Intonation (sentences)
Revision: (Gap fill. Jumbled sentences)
Reading: Article about internet use (Matching) Writing: Writing a notice
Reading/Listening: Interview with a gadgets inventor
DVD Choice: Shopping Speaking: Dialogue in a shop) (Role-play)
Song: I just called to say I love you Project: Survey about mobile use
Skills Builders: Listening: (p. 106) Reading: (p. 107) Writing: (pp. 108-111) Speaking: (pp. 112-1^.5) Irregular Verb List (p. 95) Pairwork, Scores and Results (p.116)
Student A Activities (p. 117) Student B Activities (p. 119) Word List (pp. 120-127)