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Clinical Medicine Eighth Edition

Clinical Medicine Eighth Edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Online contents vii
Contributors ix
International Advisory Panelxii Preface to the Eighth Edition xiv
Acknowledgements xv
1. Ethics, law and communication 1
D Bowman and A Cushing
2. Molecular cell biology and human genetics 17
DP Kelsell, C Byrne and KJ Linton
3. The immune system and disease 49
M Peakman
4. Infectious diseases, tropical medicine and
sexually transmitted infections 73
PJ Moss, WL Irving and J Anderson
5. Nutrition 195
M Elia
6. Gastrointestinal disease 229
J Lindsay, L Langmead and SL Preston
7. Liver, biliary tract and pancreatic disease 303
AK Burroughs and D Westaby
8. Haematological disease 371
MF Murphy, JS Wainscoat and KJ Pasi
9. Malignant disease 431
CJ Gallagher, TA Lister and M Smith
10. Palliative medicine and symptom control 485
MJ Johnson, GE Eva and S Booth
11. Rheumatology and bone disease
M Shipley, A Rahman, D O’Gradaigh and R Conway


Kidney and urinary tract disease  MM Yaqoob 561
Water, electrolytes and acid-base balance  MM Yaqoob 637
Cardiovascular disease  AJ Camm and NH Bunce 669
Respiratory disease  AJ Frew and S Doffman 791
Critical care medicine  CJ Hinds, D Watson and RM Pearse 867
Drug therapy and poisoning  M Rawlins and A Vale 899
Environmental medicine  ML Clark and CRA Clarke 929
Endocrine disease  MJ Levy and TA Howlett 937
Diabetes mellitus and other disorders of metabolism  EAM Gale and JV Anderson 1001
The special senses  ML Harries, F Vaz, S Verma and RD Hamilton 1047
Neurological disease  P Jarman 1067
Psychological medicine  J Bourke and PD White 1155
Skin disease
DG Paige