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Close up, B1, Students Book

Close up, B1, Students Book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

1 Family Ties  p 5-16 true/false, family-related words present simple, present continuous, stative verbs multiple-choice questions (pictures),
2 Food, Food, Food!  p17-28 option, multipie-choice questions food-related words past simple, past continuous multiple-choice questions, listening
REVIEW 1: Vocabulary & Grammar p 29-30 -
3 I he Wonders of Nature  p 31-42 multiple-choice questions environment-related  words present perfect simple, present perfect continuous gap-fill,
4 Special  Relationships  p 43-54 true/false, relationship-related  words relative clauses: defining & nondefining true/false,  similar words
REVIEW 2: Vocabulary & Grammar p 55-56
5 A Place to Call Flo me  p 57-68 short texts, multiple-choice questions, home-related words will, be going to multiple-choice  questions,
6 Ready, Steady, Go! matching, matching sport-related words conditionals: zero & first multiple-choice questions (pictures),
p 69-80
REVIEW 3: Vocabulary & Grammar p 81-82
7 bxtreme  Situations  p 83-94 multiple-choice questions, < < words related to extreme situations past perfect simple, past perfect continuous gap-fill, checking
8 Time to Spare  * p 95-106 multiple-choice  questions, words related to free time modals & semi-modals (1) multiple-choice questions (pictures),
REVIEW 4: Vocabulary & Grammar p 107-10 8
9 High-Tech  World  p109-120 true/false, technology-related  words passive voice: tenses, by & with multiple-choice questions (pictures),
10 That’s  Entertainment  p121-132 short texts, multiple-choice questions, entertainment-related  words reported speech: statements gap-fill,  -
REVIEW 5: Vocabulary & Grammar p 133-13 4
11 Lessons to Learn  p 135-146 matching descriptions,  , education-related  words causative true/false,
12 The Body Beautiful  p 147-158 multiple-choice questions, choosing the body-related words adjectives, adverbs, so & such multiple-choice questions (pictures),
talking about family, describing photos, collocations & expressions countable & uncountable nouns, quantifiers email, using abbreviations, r < • ir, . , inviting, asking for a reply, writing about special events One Woman's Choice
talking about food & restaurants, describing photos, using different < '6- • * , using adjectives word formation used to & would, be used to & get used to review, ordering adjectives,  recommending, adjectives for food & restaurants Greek Olives
talking about the environment,  , opening discussions prepositions, articles informal email, i . , friendly openings & endings, useful phrases Swimming with Sharks
relationships, problem solving, , giving advice phrasal verbs temporals story (1), thinking of ideas, organising a story / ideas, describing people Man's Best Friend
talking about homes, general  conversations,  talking about a topic collocations & expressions future plans & events, future predictions informal letter, replying to a letter, • -■ . accepting/  rejecting invitations, responding to news, making suggestions Living in Venice
talking about sport, decision making,  , agreeing & disagreeing asking if someone agrees, giving your opinions word formation second conditional, if sentence transformation (1), clauses of purpose, Water Sports Adventure
describing photos, talking about extreme situations, prepositions, collocations & expressions question tags, subject & object questions, negative questions story (2), using narrative tenses, creating suspense, ' " Coast Guard  School
talking about free-time activities, decision making,  'Vi -!•, talking about possibility phrasal verbs modals & semi-modals (2) postcard, linking words & phrases,  , writing a  postcard Young  Adventurers
talking about technology, decision making, , deciding prepositions the passive voice: gerunds, infinitives & modal verbs sentence transformation (2), using collocations, Mars Rovers
talking about entertainment, describing photos, , describing people, places & things phrasal verbs reported speech: questions, commands & requests letter or story, ordering ideas,  i i f t i 1 ‘<i< i >, free-time activities Steel Drums
talking about school and education, decision making, , changing your mind collocations & expressions, prepositions gerunds, infinitives report, remembering common errors,  introducing & closing reports, school facilities and equipment, after-school activities The Maasai Teacher
talking about your body, general conversations, -, >■ >vtv  , talking about health and fitness phrasal verbs comparison of adjectives & adverbs dramatic stories, making stories more interesting, v-sv-.g enough nmg relationships The Memory Man