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Close up, B2, Student's Book

Close up, B2, Student's Book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

1 Personally Speaking p 5-16 How Does Fear Spread?; multiple-choice questions emotion-related words, word formation, phrasal verbs, prepositions present simple, present continuous, present perfect simple & present perfect continuous
2 One World?  p17-28 Globalisation; multiple matching culture-related words, countries, adjective form of countries, phrasal verbs, collocations & expressions past simple & past continuous, used to & would, past simple vs present perfect simple
REVIEW 1 p 29-30 3 Star Quality  p31-42 The Search for Cleopatra; missing sentences words related to the entertainment business & celebrities, collocations & expressions, prepositions, phrasal verbs past perfect simple & past perfect continuous, past simple vs past perfect (simple & continuous)
6 City Living Up on the Roof; multiple-choice questions city living-related words, phrasal verbs, collocations & expressions future forms, countable & uncountable nouns, quantifiers
p 63-56
REVIEW 2 p 55-56 5 Tied to Technology short texts;  multiple-choice questions technology-related words, compound nouns, phrasal verbs, word formation modals, semi-modals, modals perfect
p 57-68
6 Fun, Fun, Fun!  p 69-80 short texts;  multiple-choice questions free-time- and sports-related vocabulary, phrasal verbs, word formation, collocations & expressions, prepositions gerunds & infinitives, indirect questions, question tags, negative questions
REVIEW 3 p 81-82 7 Right or Wrong?  p 83-96 Teen Courts;  multiple-choice questions crime-related vocabulary, phrasal verbs, prepositions, compound nouns passive voice: tenses, gerunds, infinitives & modal verbs; causative
8 Environmental Affairs p95-106 Wind at Work, missing sentences environment-related vocabulary, phrasal verbs, word formation, prepositions conditionals: zero, first, second & third, mixed conditionals, conditionals without if
REVIEW 6 p 107-108 9 And What Do You Do?  p 109-120 Short texts,  multiple-choice questions job-related vocabulary, word formation, phrasal verbs, collocations & expressions relative clauses, participle clauses
10 Learn to Learn  p 121-132  REVIEWS p 133-136 Monkey Helpers multiple-choice questions education-related vocabulary, phrasal verbs, word formation, collocations & expressions reported statements, reported questions, reported commands & requests, reporting verbs
11 Wish You Were Here p135-166 Best Family Adventure Holidays, multiple matching holiday- & travel-related vocabulary, phrasal verbs, compound nouns, prepositions comparison of adjectives & adverbs, gradable & non-gradable adjectives, adjective order
12 Fit for Life  p167-158 Far-Out Food, missing sentences food- & health-related vocabulary, phrasal verbs, word formation, collocations & expressions, prepositions unreal past: wish & if only, had better & It's (about/high) time, would prefer, prefer & would rather, be used to & get used to, inversion
multiple matching talking about celebrities, problem solving, giving advice, weighing up advantages and disadvantages story,  narrative tenses, using descriptive language and interesting vocabulary Confucianism in China
multiple-choice talking about living in urban and rural areas, article, Urban Art
questions decision making, agreeing, disagreeing and partly agreeing making your article more interesting by including descriptions, examples, direct and indirect questions
multiple-choice talking about modern technology, essay, Bionic Mountaineer
questions (pictures) comparing photographs, organising ideas using the appropriate style, effectively covering all aspects of the topic, providing arguments and examples
multiple-choice talking about hobbies and free-time report, Canyaking Adventure
questions activities, decision making, justifying choices organising paragraphs, including the right information, using set phrases
multiple-choice talking about crime, comparing formal letter, Capoeira: The Fighting
questions photographs, linking ideas analysing task, brainstorming, summarising ideas and forming opinions Dance
multiple matching talking about the environment, essay, Global Warming
environmental issues and genetically using linking words & phrases and
modified food, decision making, persuading and convincing a variety of grammatical structures
talking about employment, problem solving, giving advice
talking about schools, subjects, education & skills, decision making, relating choices to the task
formal letter (letter of application),
using set phrases, appropriate style & correct
tenses, presenting yourself in a positive way
formal email,
responding to notes, using appropriate style & functional expressions
Dinosaur Builder
Aquarium on Wheels
talking about feelings, comparing photographs, discussing similarities and differences
informal email,
using the correct tone, effectively responding to all the points in the notes
A Chinese Artist in Harlem
talking about cultures and lifestyles, decision making, managing a discussion
writing topic sentences and titles, supporting ideas with examples, using linking words
A Special Type of Neighbourhood
multiple-choice talking about holidays & tourism, comparing story, Gliding Across the
questions photographs, using holiday vocabulary identifying emotion in the prompt, using past tenses effectively and direct speech Gobi
multiple-choice talking about health care & fitness facilities, review, Living in the Slow Lane
questions (pictures) health & well-being, problem solving, answering questions using an appropriate style, describing, expressing an opinion & recommending