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CLR via C# Fourth Edition

CLR via C# Fourth Edition

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Table of Contents
.NET Core, .NET Framework, C# 7.x, Functional Programming, Lambda Calculus, Category Theory, LINQ, LINQ to Objects, LINQto XML, Parallel LINQ, LINQ to Entities, Entity Framework Core, Entity Framework.
This is a latest, in-depth, cross-platform tutorial on functional programming and LINQ programming via C# 7.0 language. It discusses real world development to underlying mathematics theories. It covers both .NET Framework (for Windows development) and .NET Core (for Linux, Mac, and Windows development).
C# is an open source, cross-platform language from Microsoft, and LINQ is the built-in functional data query capabilities of the language, working with API sets provided by .NET libraries. This entire tutorial is based on the latest language and frameworks. It covers C#'s functional features and functional programming aspects, and the detailed usage and internal mechanisms of mainstream LINQ technologies for different data domains, including LINQ to Objects, Parallel LINQ, LINQ to XML, and LINQ to Entities. It also demystifies the underlying quintessential theories of functional programming and LINQ, including Lambda Calculus and Category Theory.
The following are the acclaim from Microsoft:
"This book explains practical and in-depth material clearly, concisely and accurately to the areas of the C# language, functional programming, and LINQ on .NET Framework and .NET Core. This is a great book for anyone wanting to understand the whys and hows behind these important technologies."
Samer Boshra
Microsoft Principal Software Engineering Manager
"This book covers LINQ and underlying functional programming concepts comprehensively. It employs tutorials and examples to illustrate various features and applications. The underlying theory is thoroughly explained as well to strengthen your understanding of the topic. Whether you are a beginner or journeyman, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the subject through this book."
Alok Parmesh
Microsoft Senior Software Engineer
"This is an excellent book on LINQ as it goes beyond covering how to program with LINQ but articulates the theory behind it and mechanics of the language, a coverage which is not easy to come by. Understanding this level of detail is necessary to program with LINQ to develop first class applications that are efficient and maintainable."
Ari Bertan
Microsoft Senior Software Engineer
"This is a great book if you want to learn LINQ and functional programming with C# in depth. You can see Dixin's deep expertise and feel his obsession for technologies. I started using C# since it was born, but I still learned new things from this book. It is an easy-to-read book, and there are lots of well-picked code examples. I have no doubt that readers will become experts on the topics after reading this book."
Paul Lou
Microsoft Senior Software Engineer
"This is a great book for C# developers, it covers both basic C# programming concepts for the beginners new to the .NET world, and C# advanced constructs for experienced .NET programmers. The book is up to date, talks C# 7.0 new language features and demonstrates how you can use them for functional programming. Thanks for the awesome work!"
Mark Zhou
Microsoft Senior Software Engineer
"This is an excellent in-depth C# functional programming and LINQ book. It explains the latest technology with clear, concise and accurate examples. I would love to encourage everybody who wants to improve their productivity and efficiency of C# programming to have a read of this book."
Jacky Gao
Microsoft Research Software Engineer