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Contemporary Management Sixth Edition Jones

Contemporary Management Sixth Edition Jones

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата


Part One
Management  Chapter One  Managers and Managing  Chapter Two 2
The Evolution of Management Thought  Chapter Three 38
Values, Attitudes, Emotions, and Culture: The Manager as a Person 72
Part Two
The Environment of Management
Chapter Four  Ethics and Social Responsibility  Chapter Five 108
Managing Diverse Employees in a Multicultural Environment 148
Chapter Six  Managing in the Global Environment 186
Part Three
Decision Making, Planning, and Strategy
Chapter Seven
Decision Making, Learning, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship 224
Chapter Eight
The Manager as a Planner and Strategist 260
Chapter Nine
Value-Chain Management: Functional Strategies for Competitive Advantage 302
Part Four
Organizing and Controlling
Chapter Ten
Managing Organizational Structure
and Culture 342
Chapter Eleven
Organizational Control and Change 384
Chapter Twelve
Human Resource Management 420
Part Five
Leading Individuals and Groups
Chapter Thirteen
Motivation and Performance 460
Chapter Fourteen
Leadership 494
Chapter Fifteen
Effective Groups and Teams 526
Part Six
Managing Critical Organizational Processes
Chapter Sixteen
Promoting Effective Communication 564
Chapter Seventeen
Managing Conflict, Politics,
and Negotiation 602
Chapter Eighteen
Using Advanced Information
Technology to Increase Performance 632
Glossary 667
Credits 679
Index 713