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Cutting Edge, Pre-Intermediate, 3rd Edition, Workbook

Cutting Edge, Pre-Intermediate, 3rd Edition, Workbook

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата


Revision of questions; Present simple and frequency phrases Leisure activities; Sports and games Stress in questions TV classics
Grammar focus: Comparative and superlative
adjectives; Questions with How, What
and What... like?
Vocabulary: Physical appearance; Parts of the body
Pronunciation: Weak forms in sentences
Listen and Read: Stars 4 U
Grammar focus:
Listen and Read:
Grammar focus: Past simple - positive and negative;
Past simple - questions
Vocabulary: Time phrases: at, on, in, ago;
Words to describe feelings
Pronunciation: -ed endings
Language live: Travel questions
Writing: A narrative
Grammar focus: Plans and intentions; Predictions with
will and won't
Vocabulary: Going on holiday; Describing holidays
Pronunciation: Contracted forms
Language live: Making requests and asking for
Writing: An email
should, shouldn't: can, can't; have to, don't have to Daily routines; jobs can, have to
My favourite days of the week
Grammar focus: Present simple and Present * j |m ЗЦ: Till,C TrìSlrESQ? I.Sji'T Зй!1!!!8В18111Щ Grammar focus: Using articles; Quantifiers with
continuous; Present continuous for countable and uncountable nouns
future arrangements Vocabulary: City life; Geographical features
Vocabulary: Verb phrases for special days; Pronunciation: The letter /
Descriptive adjectives Language live: Asking for and giving directions
Pronunciation: Days and dates Writing: Directions
Language live: Phrases for special days
Writing: An invitation
Grammar focus: may, might, will definitely, etc.; Present tense after if when and other time words
Vocabulary: Modern equipment; Adjectives for describing places
Pronunciation: Stress patterns in compound nouns
Listen and Read: tonystravelshop.com
Grammar focus: Present simple passive; Past simple
Vocabulary: Types of product; Personal items
Pronunciation: Regular past participles
Language live: Making and responding to suggestions
Writing: A customer review
Grammar focus: Past continuous; used to
V ocabuiary: Accidents and injuries; Feeling ill
Pronunciation: use(d) in connected speech
Language live: Talking about health
Writing: Time words in a narrative
Grammar focus: Present perfect continuous with how
long, for and since; Present perfect
continuous and Present perfect simple
Vocabulary: Personal characteristics; Getting a job
Pronunciation: Contracted forms
Listen and Read: jobsearch.com
Grammar focus: like and would like; Conditional
sentences with would
Vocabulary: Adjectives with dependent
prepositions; Survival items
Pronunciation: Intonation in invitations
Listen and Read: Our top four hates
Grammar focus: Past perfect; Narrative tenses review
Vocabulary: Money; Verbs and phrases about
Pronunciation: Numbers
Language live: Dealing with money
Writing: An essay expressing your opinion