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Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Unit 1 Language  Getting started Talk about animals learning language Vocabulary Pronunciation Everyday English
1A Talk about second language learning Adverbs and adverbial  phrases  1B Describe languages and how they The perfect aspect change Language learning; Word stress: noun forms with Noun forms -tion and -ity  Describing changes Sentence stress
1C Express yourself in an inexact way 1D Write a web forum post Sound and spelling: ea, ee Expressing yourself and ie in an inexact way
Review and extension More practice WORDPOWER Idioms: Body parts
Unit 2 Going to extremes  Getting started Talk about tolerance of extreme conditions 2A Describe extreme sensory experiences Comparison Multi-word verbs: Consonant-vowel linking Social interaction
2B Talk about plans, intentions and Intentions and arrangements arrangements Verbs of movement Word groups and main stress
2C Give advice 2D Write a report Emphatic stress Giving advice
Review and extension More practice WORDPOWER Idioms: Movement
Unit 3 Travel and adventure  Getting started Talk about a mishap on a road trip  3A Emphasise positive and negative Inversion experiences Wealth and poverty Tone in inversion structures; Word stress
3B Describe journeys and landscapes Future in the past;  Narrative tenses Landscape features Sound and spelling: the letter t
3C Paraphrase and summarise 3D Write a travel review Consonant groups across two Paraphrasing and words summarising
Review and extension More practice WORDPOWER Idioms: Landscapes
Unit 4 Consciousness  Getting started Talk about manipulating the senses 4A Talk about using instinct and reason Noun phrases Instinct and reason Sound and spelling:  /J9S/, /Ì9S/, /d39s/
4B Talk about memories and have / get passives remembering Memory Sentence stress
4C Use tact in formal discussions 4D Write a profile article Homophones in words and Being tactful in connected speech formal discussions
Review and extension More practice WORDPOWER mind
Unit 5 Fairness  Getting started Talk about activities for prisoners  5A Talk about crime and punishment Relative clauses Crime and justice Sound and spelling: s and ss
5B Talk about job requirements and fair Willingness, obligation pay and necessity Employment Word stress: nouns and verbs
5C Recall and speculate 5D Write an opinion essay Main stress Recalling and  speculating