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English B, Hedger

English B, Hedger

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

The response from teachers and students to the first edition of the book made the many hours I spent working on it more than worthwhile. Comments like the following for example.
UI have found the course book to be quite useful with my students, and have used it quite often in conjunction with the texts that we are studying and discussing in class - a fantastic book! The exercises 臟 varied, test the smdents Abilities,and give them ample opportmities to final exam. It has been a Iifesaver for me on many occasions!J,
у Anna Martikaioen
UI thought the textbook is a great contribution. We have just acquired it at school md l think we are going to start using it as one of our main resource aids. Thanks for the book,s
Pablo Corvalan
uThe text is excellent, and we have learnt a lot of new vocabulary"
Jose Rafael Aguiar Zapata.
As teachers of English we are more than aware of the pressure of time. Many of us working in International schools do not have enough hours at our disposal to wade through text -books, newspapers, magazines, or surf the net in ад effort to provide our students with the texts they nectl That is why I have put together a selection of texts to help my fellow teachers of English B and their students who would rather spend time on the net in other pursuits. Enjoy!
Without the kindness of all the writers who granted me permission to use their articles, thib book would have not been possible. Thanks to my students at International College Spain, especially those who took great pleasure in pointing out the typing errors in the first edition!
Elfrcüa Hedge"
The articles and extracts selected by the author have beeo chosen to help students improve their standard of English. They do not represent the views of the publishers. In a number of cases, only one side of a controversial issue is presented.
Ъ some, but not all. of these cases we use the marginal icon (balance scales) at right to suggesl that studentr should be rncouraged to researd:. read and evaluate alterative viewpoints.