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English File Beginner Students Book A

English File Beginner Students Book A

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
4 A Hello! verb be (singular): / and you numbers 0-10; days of the week /h/, /ш/, and /i:/
6 B Where are you from? verb be (singular): he, she, it countries
.... ■ •• •.
8 ,PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 1 How do you spe"/'t?
Л/, ho/, /s/, and ///
10 A We aren’t English. We’re verb be (plural): we, you, they nationalities /У3/, /tJ7, and /J7
12 B Whafs your phone number? Wh- and How questions with be phone numbers; numbers 11-100 sentence rhythm
16 A Whafs in your bag? singular and plurai nouns; з / an small things ш and /s/; plural
18 E Is that a hat? this / thai / these / those souvenirs /5/ and h!
20 ВЦ PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 2 Can I have an orange juice, please?
22 A Family and friends
possessive adjectives; possessive s
people and family
/л/, /ге/, and the hi sound
24 B Big cars or small cars? adjectives colours and common adjectives /и:/, /a:/, and /〇:/; linking
28 A Breakfast around the world present simple B arid □: I, you, we, food and drink
word stress; /f/, /ф/, and/д/
30 Б A very long flight
present simple Ш: I, you, we, they common verb phrases 1
/w/, Ni, and /〇/; sentence rhythm and linking
32 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 3 What t/me/s/'t?
34 A She works for Armani
.present simple: he, she, it
jobs and places of work
third person -з;/з:/; sentence rhythm
36 B A day in my life adverbs of frequency a typical day