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English file elementary e-book fourth edition

English file elementary e-book fourth edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

verb bef±], subject pronouns: clays of the week, numbers 0-20 vowel sounds,
f. you. etc, * ' «°fd stress
verb be f-i and [f] countries, numbers 21-100 fo consonant sounds
my, your, etc-
sentence stress
14 A Are you tidy or untidy? 16 1! Made in America
18 C Slowdown!
singular and plural nouns adjectives
imperatives, let's
things, in, on, under
colours, adjectives, modifiers: very / really, quite
final -s and -es
long and short vowel sounds
present simple 0 anti 0 verb phrases: cook dinner, etc. third person -s
present Sïrrit: a
word order in questions
question words
rxi and A sentence stress
prepositions of time tat, in, on) and place (at, in, to) position of adverbs, expressions of frequency
daily routine
fo the letter o linking
months, adverbs and expressions the letter h of frequency
38 A Vet# for me!
40 BA quiet life 8
42 C A city for all seasons
can / can't
present continuous:
be + verb + -mg present simple or
verb phrases: buy a newspaper, noise: verbs and verb phrases the weather ana seasons
sentence stress places in London
') .. ,   W f Aji' Ms : s : s AÁ ■ s r L- nr. - - A CL : b object pronouns: me, yen,  ■ : ' ■ : , i", ! r moms in-a story Aid As and /h/
11 The third Friday in June like v {verb + -mg) the date, ordinal numbers ",s aw.-. n.  saying the date
C Making music revision: be or do? wru jit giving opinions