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English File Intermediate Plus Students Book third edition

English File Intermediate Plus Students Book third edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

4 A Why did they call you that? pronouns
working out meaning from vowel sounds context
8 B True colours adjectives
12 ■碡 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 1 Abac/start
adjective suffixes
word stress
14 A Pack and go!
present tenses
/s/ and /z/
18 Opening up or closing down? possessives
shops and services
’s, linking
In the street; Short films A farmers’ market
24 A The generation gap
past simple, past continuous, or used to?
stages of life
-ed endings; sentence rhythm
28 B In the picture prepositions
32 Ш4 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 2 All kinds of problems
word stress
34 A That’s rubbish!
future forms: will / shall and going to rubbish and recycling
/1/, /ai /, and /ei/
38 B Degrees and careers
first and second conditionals
study and work
word stress
42 REVISE AND CHECK 3&4 1И In the street; Short films A New York sanitation worker
44 A What’s on?
present perfect simple
/w/, /v/, and Ъ/
48 B The country in other countries
present perfect continuous 1^ PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 3 Time to tell the police
the country
vowel sounds; sentence stress
Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
54 A Do it yourself obligation, necessity, prohibition, DIY and repairs; paraphrasing consonant clusters
58 B At your service can, coufd, and be ab/e to at a restaurant word pairs with and
62 REVISE AND CHECK 5&6 Ш4 In the street; Short films The history of flat-pack furniture
64 A Giving it away phrasal verbs cash machines; phrasal verbs linking
68 B Going out and staying in verb patterns live entertainment /〇:/, /з:/ and /〇/; words with
two pronunciations
72 Mi PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 4 Is it a clue?
74 A Looking after yourself have someth/Vig done looking after yourself se 门 tence stress
78 B The rest is history the passive; impersonal you history the letters ar
82 REVISE AND CHECK 7&8 ■ M In the street; Short films The Globe Theatre
84 A Can’t remember, can’t forget reported speech word families word stress
88 B Wedding dramas uses of the past perfect weddings sentence stress
92 1И PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 5 F/Vid/’ng Henry
94 A America and the world be, do, and have: auxiliary and mai门 verbs British and American English sentence stress
98 B Exam time revision of verb forms exams revisio门 of sounds
102 REVISE AND CHECK 9&10 Ш4 In the street; Short films A wedding planner
104 Communication 132 Grammar Bank 165 Irregular verbs
113 Writing 152 Vocabulary Bank 166 Sound Bank
122 Listening