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English File Intermediate Students book

English File Intermediate Students book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата



4 A Mood food present simple and continuous, action food and cooking short and long vowel
and non-action verbs sounds
8 B Family life future forms: present contimjous.,
going tof wilt/wont ^§) each other
12 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 1 Meet/ng ttìe parents
famtly, adjec tives of sentence stress word
personally stress, adjective endings
14 A Spend or save? present perfect and past simple money the letter o
ia B Changing lives present perfect + for/since, strong adjectives: exhausted, sentence stress, Streiks
present perfect continuous amazed, etc, on strong adjectives
22 REVISE a CHECK 1&2 ША In the street; Short fitms Oxfam
I, J3 .and u', linking
A Race across London comparatives and superlatives
B Stereotypes - or зге they? articles; a an the, no article
Ш PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 2 A difficult celebrity
collocation: verbs / adjectives + prepositfons
sentence stress,
ОГ 1ÌÌ: 7
34 A Failure and success сзп. coufd, be tD ^§) reflexive pronouns -ed i -ing adjectives sentence stress
38 B Modern manners? modals of obligation: must, to, should phone lafiguage silent consonants, lEnking
^§) should have
42 REVISE & CHECK 3&4 (In t he street; Short films Boris Bikes
AA A Sporting superstitions past tenses: simpte. cüntinuDus. perfect sport y and
48 B Love at Exit 19 usually snd used to relati〇nship& linking, the letter s
52 Ш4 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 3 O/dfnends
Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
A Shot on location passives (all tenses) cinema sentence stress
B Judging by appearances modats of deduction: might, can% the body diphthongs
REVISE & CHECK 5&6 ША street; Short fiItns iconifc f^fbcatrons
A Extraordinary school for Nrst conditional and future time education the letter u
boys daus朽 + wh叫 imtU, etc.
Jg) make and /et
B idea丨 home second conditional houses sentence stress
■4 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 4 Boys'n/ght out
A Sell and tell reported speech: sentences and shopping, making nouns from the letters ai
questions verbs
B What's the right job for you? gerunds and infinitives work word stress
REVISE & CHECK 7&8 ■蟎 In the street; Short College, Dut^n
J[§) separable phrasal verbs
PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 5 Unexpectedeverits
A Lucky encounters
third conditional
B Too much infbrmatiori!
making adjectives and adverbs sentence stress
electronic devices., phrasal verbs ough and eugh, Linking
94 A Modern icons relative clauses; defining and non-defining compound nouns word stress
98 B Two murder mysteries question tags crime intonation in question tags
102 REVISE & CHECK 9&10 In the stre&t; Short films The Hound ofthe
104 Communication 132 Grammar Sank 165 Irregular verbs
113 Writing 152 Vocabulary Bank 166 Sound Bank