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English file student's book advanced

English file student's book advanced

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата


What motivates you?
word stress and rhythm
Ш Who am 1?
personality; family
rhythm and intonation
12 [1 Whose language Is it?
language terminology
sound-speiiing relationships
16 Writing A letter of applicaiion
18 Colloqusal Engissh Family secrets
19 Revise & Check Grammar and Vocabulary
20 Ш Once upon a tiine
the past: na™rat^e lenses, meé iü'am
word building; abstract nouns
word stress with suffixes
24 ^ Are there really ■ 31 hours m a day?
28 Щ SO ways to leave your lover
phrases with get
words and phrases of French origin
32 Writing
34 Colloquial English
35 Revise & Check
Лп article
Time and technology Grammar and Vocabulary
36 I Breakmg the silence
sounds and the human voice
consonant dusters
Lost in translatsoii
describing books
words with 'silent' syllables
44 : '■ Are you suffering
from Affluesizal
ea and ear
48 Wrìting
50 CoLLoquiAL English
51 Revise & Check
A review
Women and money Grammar and Vocabulary
52 Ш History gees to the movies
3^d aévèms! exp:msmm-
history and warfare
stress in word families
56 S Help yourself
compound adjectives
intonation in polite requests
60 3 Canft live without it
phone language; adjectives sounds and spelling + prepositions iy, /tj/, /3/, /03/
64 Writing Discursive essay (i): a balanced argument
66 Colloquiai English Fact or fiction?
67 Revise Bt Check Grammar and Vocabulary
68 L] Whofs m mntrol? per^iissien, §Ь11|з!1сщг word formation: prefixes intonation in exclamations
.ако necessity
72 Ш itisi any old bed? verbs fte senses piace and movement extra stress on important words
76 [i Trick от treatment? 「:工ri. health and medicine; word stress
80 Writing
82 Colloquial Engush
83 Revise ^ Check
A report Art and artists Grammar and Vocabulary
expressing filtere pla^s travel and tourism homophones
sod BisTaiiigeiBSits .
ellipsis ssibsimi®^ the natural world weak and strong pronundaiion
of auxiliary verbs and to
92 B. The promised land? adding e§i!piiasls (2;i words that are often intonation in cleft sentences
cleft sentences confused
Discursive essay (2): taking sides Encounters with animals Grammar and Vocabulary
84 И Д moving experience
88 |3 Pets and pests
96 Writing
99 Revise & Check
100 Щ A recipe for disaster шмшз: с®т|мкшс! spd
pessess^e fantis
m B Sport on trial ■ S-Ü suck
108 [I The fusioiest )oks mmparism
In the worM?