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English file upper intermediate student's book

English file upper intermediate student's book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation
4 A Questions and answers question formation working out meaning friendly intonation,
from context showing interest
8 B Do you believe in it? auxiliary verbs; the...the... compound adjectives, intonation and sentence
+ comparatives modifiers rhythm
12 COLLOQUIAL ENGLISH 1 Ta//ong about... /nten//evvsjn the street
A Call the doctor? present perfect simple and illnesses and injuries /s/, /d^/, /tJ7, and /k/; word
continuous stress
B Older and wiser? using adjectives as nouns, clothes and fashion vowel sounds
adjective order
REVISE & CHECK 1&2 ■螭 Short film The h/sto 厂y of surgery
A The truth about air travel narrative tenses, past perfect air travel regular and irregular past
continuous; so / such…that forms, sentence rhythm
B Incredibly short stories the position of adverbs and adverbs and adverbial word stress and
adverbial phrases phrases intonation
COLLOQUIAL ENGLISH 2&3 Ta/Zc/ng about... ch/7dren’s boo/cs,/л the street
A Eco-guilt future perfect and future continuous the environment, the vowel sounds
B Are you a risk taker? zero and first conditionals, future expressions with take sentence stress
time clauses and rhythm
REVISE & CHECK 3&4 ■蝎 Short film The ßr/t/s/i and the И/eather
A The survivors' club unreal conditionals feelings word stress
B It drives me mad! structures after wish expressing feelings with sentence rhythm
verbs or -ed / -ing adjectives and intonation
COLLOQUIAL ENGLISH 4&5 Talking about... waste, In the street
54 A Music and emotion gerunds and infinitives music words that come from
other languages
58 B Sleeping Beauty used to, be used to, get used to sleep sentence stress and
62 REVISE & CHECK 5&6 1И Short film S/eep research
64 A Don’t argue! past modals: must, might/may verbs often confused weak form of have
should, can% couldn't + have, etc.; would rather
68 B Actors acting verbs of the senses; as the body silent [etters
72 Ш4 COLLOQUIAL ENGLISH 6&7 Talking about... acting, In the street
74 A Beat the robbers... and the burglars the passive (all forms); it is said that…,he is thought to…,etc.; have something done crime and punishment the [etter u
78 B Breaking news reporting verbs the media word stress
82 REVISE & CHECK 7&8 I Ш4 Short film The Speed of News
84 A Truth and lies clauses of contrast and purpose; advertising, business changing stress on
whatever whenever, etc. nouns and verbs
88 B Megacities uncountable and plural nouns word building: prefixes and word stress with
suffixes prefixes and suffixes
92 COLLOQUIAL ENGLISH 8&9 Talking about... advertising, In the street
94 A The dark side of the moon quantifiers: all, every, bothf etc. science
98 B The power of words articles collocation: word pairs
102 REVISE & CHECK 9&10 Short film The Museum of the H/story of Sc/ence
stress in word families
pausing and sentence stress
104 Communication 132 Grammar Bank
113 Writing 152 Vocabulary Bank
165 Irregular verbs
166 Sound Bank