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English for international Tourism course book

English for international Tourism course book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Unit 丨 Setting Professional activities Language Directory of texts
1  Types of Holiday  page 6 ;Travel agencies and tour * giving holiday information Language Focus: compound nouns 丨 operato s ® talking about holiday Vocabulary: types of holiday  experiences prices 丨 « writing and responding to compound adjectives  letters of enquiry with numbers Speechwork: word stress Conversations with customers Letters about goifing holidays「]—|
2  A Career in  To U Г! 5 П"!  page 12 j Recruitment and job * writing CVs and covering hunting letters  j « taking part in job interviews Language Focus: simple/continuous ; verb forms  Vocabulary: remuneration  formal and informal language  Speechwork: stress in words ending in -ate, ~ic and -able Job descriptions 〇 How to write a CV pf] i The write way to find a job | | [ CVs Ш Recruitment advertisements p|~~| Letters of application |~У~|
3  Trends in Tourism  page 18 Tourism organisations and tourist boards * note-taking  ® writing a summary based on notes  ® giving a short presentation from notes  ® talking and writing about modern-day developments Language Focus: past simpie/present perfect simple  Vocabulary: definitions of tourism  types and means of trave!  Speechwork: past verb forms with -ed Definitions of tourism  Summer holiday Q  Development of tourism in Q Singapore  Summer holiday ПП
4  Where People Go  page 24 Tourist boards, tour operators, Tourist information Centres (TICs), and travel agents ® working with figures  • designing a questionnaire and carrying out a survey  • giving information from a chart  ® reporting on the nature and value of tourism in a country Language Focus: the definite articie  Vocabulary: British/American usage  Speechwork: the schwa / з /  reading figures aioud Americans in Europe Q  A tale of two cities 丨
5  Travel Agents page 30 Travel agencies ® telephoning  ® taking bookings and filling in booking forms  ® asking for and confirming information  • writing letters of confirmation  ® writing a set of instructions: payment procedures Language Focus: asking questions tag questions  Vocabulary: phrasal verbs used in phone caiis payment procedures  Speechwork: the alphabet  intonation in questions intonation in tag questions Telephone calls Q A holiday booking Booking forms рЩ Extract from a training manual ["|Г[
Scenario 1  Advising a Client  page 36 Trave! agencies and tour operators ® reading brochures * giving information and advice ® helping clients make choices  ® writing letters of recommendation Revision Goa, India 「「] Steamboat Colorado, USA 「j ]
6  Tour  Operators page 33 Tour operators and hoteliers ® writing reports * planning a package tour ® negotiating an agreement ® writing a letter of confirmation Language Focus: the passive Vocabulary: negotiations  Speechwork: contracted forms of moda丨s and auxiliaries A planning meeting Q Hotel contracting p|T| When the welcome is frosty 「Ц
7  Promoting a Destination  page 44 Tourist boards * identifying strengths and weaknesses of a country  * describing ways of promoting an area  * writing promotional materials  * describing an itinerary  * presentations: reporting on a familiarisation trip Language Focus; referring to the future  Vocabulary: advertising and publicity countable/ uncountable nouns brochure language  Speechwork: pausing and rhythm Promoting Barbados as a tourist destination  A trip to China Q  Britain's strengths and | .!' | weaknesses
8  Responsible  Tourism  page 50 Ecological and economic issues  National and local government  Environmental and tourism agencies ® taking part in public meetings ® writing press releases Language Focus: reporting verbs  Vocabulary: meetings - verb and noun collocations  Speechwork: word boundaries Overland Encounter Q Safe tourism 「f」|
Unit Setting Professional activities Language Directory of texts
9  Transport page 56 All tourism providers mapping an itinerary  « writing a fax: improving airport passenger handling facilities  • making recommendations to a tourist board Language Focus; two-part verbs Vocabulary: transport Speechwork; word boundaries Susan’s trip to the USA Q Rapid speech Q  Passenger care
1 10  j Customer j Relations  j . page 62 Customer reiatio门s departments » dealing with complaints ® writing ietters of apology  ® writing letters confirming agreements Language Focus: infinitive or gerund Vocabulary: prefixes  adjectives describing personality  Speechwork: contrastive stress Melanie Flowers  Unfortunate incidents in ä travel agency  When it pays to complain (Д^] Feedback questionnaire Pfl
Scenario 2  Handling a Complaint  page 68 Tour operator's customer relations department reading correspondence: letters, memos and faxes  • dealing with a claim for compensation  • writing ietters to dissatisfied customers Revision Letters and faxes of complaint Memos [J]
丨11  Hotel Facilities page 70 Hotels replying to letters of enquiry  • negotiating bookings for conferences and groups  • writing letters of confirmation  • writing memos  • describing hotel facilities Language Focus: types of adjective order of adjectives Vocabulary: hotel facilities  collocations with and  Speechwork; stress in compound adjectives Fixing rates: different racking ^ systems  丁ommaso Zanzotto/ ГТ1 Richard Williams  Letters from hoteliers
12  Selecting  Locations  page 76 Hotels, trade fairs, tour operators writing faxes giving information  ® taking part in a meeting to decide on the viability of a ne'w venture  • writing a report  » choosing a site for a hotel  • writing promotional material Language Focus: conjunctions  Vocabulary: forma! and informal language  Speechwork: pronunciation of the letter / Austral Tours Q The Far East investment Group Q Docklands
13  Things to Do page 82 Tourist Information Centres • writing a tourist information leaflet  e writing and recording an answerphone message  » giving tourists advice and suggestions on tourist attractions Language Focus: conditionals Vocabulary: sports Speechwork: pausing TIC Venice Q  Leisure pursuits in New 「[] Hampshire
14  Avlarketlng the Past  page 38 Guided tours • describing museum exhibits a门d monuments  ® writing notices ® giving a guided tour Language Focus: relative clauses  Vocabulary: museum exhibits and monuments  Speechwork: pausing, stress and pitch The Neues Museum, Berlin Q  Tour of the Pergamon Q Museum, Berlin  The Louvre, Paris ["J"]
15  Business  Travel  page 94 i ; ;  Hotels, airlines, conference ! « describing conference facilities Language Focus: possibility and ■ i The Manor Hotel Q  &a ; • negotiating rates j .、 \ Promotion to the rank of Flyer ГТП ! • promoting conference venues ! Vocabuiary: conference i First Class • ; equipment :  • telephone selling ! r , , 」 」 "• * i Speechwork: sound and spelling:  ;• writing promotional ietters süent: letters :  word stress in homographs
Scenario 3 :  Organising  Excursions  page 100 Tour and resort * designing a programme representatives of excursions Revision Resort information [—]]