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English for Law Enforcement SB

English for Law Enforcement SB

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Describing drug-related offences Giving instructions to a driver Customs control
Dealing with a person who is under the influence
Comparative adjectives Superlative adjectives Prepositions of place and movement Present perfect perfect continuous
1 The world Alphabet and spelling Describing your job Present simple
P.6 of law Numbers and time Talking about routine police work Positives
enforcement Shift work Talking about roles and responsibilities Negatives
Equipment Describing basic law Questions
Law enforcement agencies enforcement activities Word building
2 Traffic and Types of vehicle Describing vehicles Present continuous
p_14 vehicles Vehicle descriptions Stopping a vehicle Positives
Radio telephony alphabet Checking documents Negatives
Parts of a car Explaining traffic offences Obligation - must / mustn't
Vehicle and driving offences and penalties Rules - have to
Driving licence may l might to express consequences
3 Out in the Describing a community Describing reaction to anti-social Present continuous
P.22 community Types of anti-social behaviour behaviour Questions
Dealing with anti-social behaviour Giving a warning First conditional
Community policing Giving orders Past simple
Dispersing onlookers can/canaio express ability and permission Word building
4 Emergency Emergency calls Calming down and reassuring Past continuous
P.30 call Types of emergency Describing an assault Question forms
Domestic violence Describing an assailant
Parts of the body Describing a road traffic accident
Describing injuries Dealing with injuries  Asking questions about an incident
5 Crimes Theft crimes Theft report form Review: past simple v past continuous
P.38 against Security Giving professional advice should / shouldn t for advice
property Crime prevention Describing a theft be going to ior future
Vehicle theft Describing a crime campaign Present perfect simple
7 Civil disorder Civil disorder Dealing with civil disorder Passive voice: past simple
P.54 Equipment Restraining a suspect Imperatives
Strikes and demonstrations Making an arrest Word building
Tactics Giving orders
Dealing with crowds Policing a football match Policing a large event
8 At the police The police station Interviewing a suspect Gerund / -ing form
P.62 station Roles and responsibilities Booking In’ a suspect Word building
Custody suites Fingerprinting have to / be allowed to
Legal rights of a detainee ID parades
ID procedures - fingerprinting, identity parades  Interviewing practice Interview techniques
9 Crime scene Crime scene investigation Process for crime scene investigation Present passive for processes
P.70 investigation Physical evidence Physical descriptions Collocations
Forensic techniques and equipment Describing DNA testing techniques
E‘fits  DMA testing Psychological profiling Building theories
10 Criminal Penalties and punishments Explaining the criminal justice system Future passive for predictions
p.78 justice Sentencing Court procedures Future passive with might
Legal systems Cross examination Tag questions
In Court Extradition INTERPOL notices Sentencing
11 Organized Defining organized crime Describing criminal activities associated Have you ever.., ?
P.86 crime Organized crime groups with organized crime Collocations
Human trafficking Dealing with victims of human Word building
Surveillance operations trafficking
Psychology of organized crime Setting up a surveillance operation
12 International Transnational crime Email language Synonyms
P.94 co-operation INTERPOL Telephoning Present perfect: active and passive
Cultural property crime Requesting information and assistance Email and telephone language
Environmental and wildlife crime Email and telephone requests CIVPOL  Intercultural competence Liaising with overseas counterparts Word building