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English for Medicine in Higher Education Studies Course Book

English for Medicine in Higher Education Studies Course Book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Book map
Unit Topics
1 What is medicine? Listening • Speaking background to the discipline  • areas of study: anatomy physiology biochemistry pathology pharmacology
2 Achievements in medicine cardiac surgery  • eradication of smallpox by vaccination
Reading • Writing
3 Basic principles in medicine Listening • Speaking anatomy  • physiology
4 Computers in medicine  Reading • Writing • the use of computers in medicine
5 Causes and effects of disease Listening • Speaking defining disease by type  • demographics and research methods
6 Biology, biochemistry and pharmacology  Reading . Writing • aspects of biology, biochemistry and pharmacology
7 Clinical setting: acute care Listening • Speaking • medicine in a hospital setting  i
8 Clinical setting: primary care  Reading • Writing • medicine in general practice
9 Non-clinical setting: public health Listening • Speaking public health medicine  • obesity
10 Evidence-based medicine background to EBM  • research fundamentals
Reading • Writing patient role in EBM  • clinical guidelines
11 Current issues in medicine Listening • Speaking ethics and patient communication  • informed consent
12 The future of medicine global inequality in access to health care  • genetic engineering and nano-medicine
Reading • Writing cloning  • pandemics  • clinical trials
Vocabulary focus Skills focus
• words from general English with a special meaning in Listening preparing for a lecture
medicine predicting lecture content from the introduction
• prefixes and suffixes understanding lecture organization
choosing an appropriate form of notes
making lecture notes
Speaking speaking from notes
• English-English dictionaries headwords parts of speech Reading using research questions to focus on relevant information in a text
stress markers phonemes countable/uncountabie using topic sentences to get an overview of the text
transitive/intransitive Writing writing topic sentences
summarizing a text