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English for students of chemical technology and metallurgy

English for students of chemical technology and metallurgy

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Exercise 3. Answer the questions negatively using the suggested words in brackets: 揚:j、.
1. Is your father a worker? (an engineer)
2. Is your friend a student? (an assistant)
3. Are they chemists? (physicists)
4. Is he a chemistry engineer? (a machine engineer)
5. Is your sister a teacher? (a doctor)
6. Is she a" secretary? (an economist) ' '.
7. Do you speak French? (English)
8‘ Do you study physics? (chemistry)
9. Does she live in a hostel? {'.vith her parents)
10. Do you usually go to the cinema on Sunday? (Saturday) |
П. Do the students make experiments in the classroom? (iabo- | r atory)
12. Does he work every day? (on Wednesdays only)
13. Have you a red pencil? (a blue pencil)
14. Has she English books at home? (Bulgarian books only!
15. Have you many classes on Saturday? (Monday)
16. Have you a car? (a bicycle)
17. Has he a flat? (a house)
18. Have you many books on chemistry? (mathematics)
Exercise 4. Ask questions about the subject in the sentences:
1. He plays basketball every week.
2. They attend his lectures regularly.
3- She has many friends.
4. They watch TV every night. '
,5. She is a very good doctor.
6. We Hke our profession.
7. Chemistry is an interesting subject.
5. He writes funny stories.
9. He knows how to make his lectures interesting.
10. Laboratories are very important for chemists.
'..j Exercise 5. Ask questions about every part of the sentences:
1. We listen to the eight o'clock news.
2. He always goes to the Institute by bus.
■3. She helps'him with his English lessons.
They speak English fluently. r.
•5. I like to walk in the park. Wtv又“ ^乂..以仏
'6. The lectures begin at eight o'clock, wV^%- f
■'7. Sometimes he is late lor school. кв ; C
8. They live in the students' hostei. Wfrvt oU 1
9. He has a nice new bag, '
10. She takes care of her sister when their parents are away.