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English in Mind for Bulgaria, A1, Student's Book

English in Mind for Bulgaria, A1, Student's Book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

My hero/heroine
Talking about likes and dislikes Talking about singers and bands Last but not least: asking a celebrity questions
People talking about likes and dislikes Dialogue: members 〇f a band
Photostory: Just a little joke
Email about your favourite band
Talking about y〇u「family Talking about the present
Dialogue about free-time activities Article: America's Role Model
Culture in Mind: British families
Paragraph about your family
Talking about places in a town Giving directions  Last but rròt least: conversation between tourists and a local person  ../.Ì Asking for and giving directions Web page: Things to see and do in London  Photostory: A charity run Text about your town  〇「dty
Describing people Giving personal information Descriptions of people Article: Sally or Paula?  Culture in Mind; Different cultures -different pets Description of a friend or family member
Ordering food in a restaurant Dialogue in a restaurant
Last but not least; talking about food you like and dislike
Article: Unusual food around the world
Photostory: Enjoy your lunch!
Email to an English family about food likes and dislikes
丁alking about routines Talking about TV programmes
Describing what is happening now 丁alking ab>out your house 〇「flait Everyday English
Last but not least: talking about aholiday
Dialogues about TV [ikes, dislikes and habits
A telephone conversation about what is happening now
Article: Different places - different lives Culture in Mind: What British teenagers watch
Article: Round the world - alone Photostory: A kickabout
Paragraph for a school magazine about the TV programmes you like
A holiday postcard
Talking about abilities Talking about (ikes and dislikes
Talking about the past
Last but not least: talking about when
you were young
Amazing abilities Conversation about sport Article: We never win, but we always win  Culture: Not only football and swimming Email about sport
Conversation about the Beatles Article: The Day the Music Died Email about a past
Photostory: An accident In the park Muuuay •
Asking and answering questions in a questionnaire
Talking about times and dates Describing what someone is wearing Talking about clothes and shopping
Radio quiz show about historic events Article: She said (No!  Culture in Mind: The daughter of  a lion Paragraph for a school magazine about a famous person from the past
Description of models in a fashion show Article: Scotland - a land of traditions Photostory; So sorry Email about a festival
Comparing things
Talking about learning English
Interviews about language learning Article: Speaking in many tongues An interview with David Crystal Culture in mind: Teen talk
Description or email about language learning
Making predictions
Talking about your future life Talking about fortune telling
Future predictions Song: When Гт Sixty-four
Article: Getting the future wrong! Text predicting Photostory: Kate looks greatl the future