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English in Mind for Bulgaria, A2.1, Student's Book

English in Mind for Bulgaria, A2.1, Student's Book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Talking about life in the countryside Talking about school Talking about hobbies Expressing likes and dislikes
An interview about a hobby
Article: An unusual hobby Culture in mind: School ciubs
Email about your hobbies and interests
Talking about arrangements Discussing holiday plans Last but not least: information gap: talking about holidays
Radio show about family Magazine article: Family holidays can Email about a trip
holidays be fun!
Dialogue about holiday plans Travel brochure: Welcome to
Cape Town - the city that has
Photostory: Having fun?
Talking about obligations Talking about success
Describing job requirements Descriptions of future jobs Talking about people and their jobs
Article: What does 'success' mean? Writing an Article: Following a dream application for
Culture in mind: Teenagers: earning a part-time job
and a CV
Talking about food and fitness School canteen dialogue Last but not least: talking about food and places to eat
Article: A long and healthy life Paragraph about
Photostory: A double ice cream ... food and fitness
Talking about intentions Talking about a song
Dialogue about a New Year's Eve party
A text about Bulgarian folk music
Article: In New York for New Year's Email about New Eve 丫ear’s Eve
Culture in mind: Reggae Music
Description of a film, book or TV programme
Expressing future possibilities Dialogues about bravery Artide: Subway hero
Discussing bravery Photostory: Chicken
Last but not least: talking
about situations where you
were brave /not brave
Quiz: What do you know about UK Email giving tips to culture? a tourist
Culture in mind: Heroic Ulises on a journey of hope