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English in Mind, Student's Book 4

English in Mind, Student's Book 4

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Г" Speaking & Functions Listening Reading Writing
Talking about new sports  Talking about sportsmen and sportswomen An interview with two sportswomen Article: chessboxing  Culture in mind: Weird sports from  around the world A composition about a sport
Important qualities in a friend Talking about jokes Practical jokes Questionnaire on personality Photostory: You’re both being a pain A physical and personality description
Using expressions with time Talking about revision for exams Talking about time travel An interview about a TV series Article: Dr Who  Magazine: advice column  Literature in mind: The Time Machine An email
Toy crazes  Talking about flash mobs Flash mobs Song: Accessory Popular gimmicks A formal letter
Talking about raising money for charity Talking about voluntary work Talking about politicians and voting Coming of age An interview about politicians and voting Article: Run, Izzie, run!  Culture in mind: Raising money for charity A letter to raise money for charity
Talking about the future of the planet Talking about The Global Village The Global Village A blog on a town in Colombia  The Global Village  Photostory: It’s not very green, is it? An article on the future
Talking about conflicts and resolutions Conversation about a Conflict Resolution Programme Alfred Nobel Rests in Peace Literature in mind: Pride and Prejudice Aung San Suu Kyi Writing about a person you admire
Talking about kindness Talking about presents People talking about special presents Song: Put a Little Love in Your Heart The Kindness Offensive Writing a summary
!  Talking about language, accents and translation A TV programme on different accents People who speak English around the world Lost in Translation  Culture in mind: Artificial languages A story
Talking about UN Goodwill Ambassadors Opinion on politics and famous people Celebrity Ambassadors Photostory: Isn’t she that model? A composition about the advantages and disadvantages of a given topic
Talking about TV talent shows Talking about music An interview: talking about music and musical instruments TV talent shows  Literature in mind: High Fidelity Mini saga  Limerick  Haiku
Talking about the Seven Wonders of the World  Talking about trips A holiday story  Song: Over the Rainbow Extracts of a travel guide, a travel blog  and a ‘work of fiction A description of your  favourite place in the whole world
Talking about animal behaviour Talking about flower remedies Flower remedies Article: When animals are ill Advert: alternative medicine Culture in mind: Great breakthroughs in medicine An article for a school magazine
Talking about films and movie therapy A conversation about the film, The Beach and movie therapy Movie therapy Photostory: What’s so funny? Synopsis of a film