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English in Mind,Student's Book 5, 2nd Edition

English in Mind,Student's Book 5, 2nd Edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

A story or anecdote Radio show: A Likely Story The rise and rise of urban legends Newspaper article
Culture in mind: Mythological creatures
Interviews Thin-slicing Listening with your eyes Letter of complaint
Important decisions
Video activities: Revision buddies
Talking about virtual worlds Review of Avatar Start your own country Literature in mind: Alice in Wonderland Informal email turning down an invitation
Talking about behaviour and attitudes in sports Conversation about cheating in sports  Song: Race for the Prize Sport in the news Description of an event (magazine)
Designing and presenting a marketing campaign for a product of your choice An expert talks about advertising Wearing brand logos Culture in mind: Advertising techniques Covering letter of application
Animal heroes Telling a story Radio show about Paul the Octopus  Video activites: Plorses! Animals know before Magazine article
Talking about a crime story Two women spies
Giving a short talk based on a photo
Canoe Man A biography
Literature in mind: Call for the Dead
Talking about living alone for a month Teenagers talk about being on My year of moneyless living A leaflet
Discussing which activities to do alone their own
Song: Message in a Bottle
Describing a stressful situation and giving advice
A teenager talks about how stress ' I cut off my arm to survive" A report
affected him Culture in mind: Explorer Scott’s diary
Discussing preferences
An interview about metaphors What inspires the inspirational? A poem with
Video activites: The photographer metaphors and similes
Talking about life choices
People of different ages The Battle of the Generations Formal letter to a
comment on the reading text Literature in mind: Ithaca magazine editor
Discussing beauty and society
A talk about beauty Your take on cosmetic surgery Report and article
Song: Ugly
Discussing objects that tell us about our society Radio programme: Our Heritage Taking part in a discussion to plan a school trip
The People’s Museum Culture in mind: Museums at the bottom of the sea
A note