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English Unlimited A1 Starter B Combo with DVD-ROMs

English Unlimited A1 Starter B Combo with DVD-ROMs

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Adrian Doff would like to thank Karen Member and Keith Sands at Cambridge University Press for overseeing the project and for their invaluable help and support throughout the development of this course. He would also like to thank his editor, Andrew Reid, for his commitment and hard work and his help in bringing the book into its final form. He would like to thank Dr Astrid Krake and Donna Liersch at the Volkshochschule Munchen for giving him an opportunity to teach there and try out new ideas.

He would also like to thank Gabriella Zaharias for consistently supporting and encouraging him during the writing of this book.

The authors and publishers would like to thank the following people who contributed to the authentic recordings:

Lion Bischof, Grover Evans Jr, Emma Jones, Donna Liersch, Olliver Sebastian, Andre Zaharias, Gabriella Zaharias.

We would also like to thank the following people for their contributions to photographs:

Wendy Tina Azu, Corinne Doff, Natasha Doff.

The publishers would like to thank the following teachers for all the insightful, practical feedback they provided on the early drafts of the Coursebook:

Steve Banfield, Sandra Oddy (United Arab Emirates]; Donna Liersch, Regina Titelius (Germany); Paulo Henrique Gomes do Abreu (Brazil); Nigel Daly (Taiwan); Jamelea Nader (Japan); Howard Smith (United Kingdom); Gill Hamilton (Spain); Cecelia Araceli Medrano Vela (Mexico).

We are also grateful to the following contributors:

Picture research: Hilary Luckcock Photography: Gareth Boden

Audio recordings: John Green at Audio Workshop and i-Audio, London Design and page make-up by Stephanie White at Kamae Design.

The authors and publishers acknowledge the following sources of copyright material and are grateful for the permissions granted. While every effort has been made, it has not always been possible to identify the sources of all the material used, or to trace all copyright holders. If any omissions are brought to our notice, we will be happy to include the appropriate acknowledgements on reprinting.

Text on pages 81, Starter B R-3 and R-5 reproduced with kind permission of Erich Lejeune.

The publishers are grateful to the following for the permissions to reproduce copyright photographs and material:

Key: l = left, c = centre, r = right, t = top, b = bottom

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The following photographs were taken on commission by Gareth Boden for CUP:

p15(c), p30(all), p31 (tl, tr), p46|cl), p50, p54|Andre), p56(tc, br), p57|tr), p70(tr), p70[B), p72, p73.

We are grateful to the following for their help with the commissioned photography:

Clare Rintall, Simon Balls School, Hertford, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield.

Illustrations by Kathy Baxendale, Tom Croft, Mark Duffin, Julian Mosedale,

Mark Preston, Martin Sanders, Nigel Sanderson, Sean Sims, Lucy Truman.

Every day

@ talk about things you do every day

@ talk about your daily routine © say where and when you have meals © describe transport in towns © ask and say how to get to places @ say how you go to work or school © ask about daily routines ® ask about weekends and holidays

Target activity

Talk about things you do every day

Present simple:

-s/-es endings p47 Present simple questions p50


Daily routine p46 Frequency p47 Transport p48 Adjectives p48 How can I get to... ? p49

Daily routines p46 Listening

Transport in London and Istanbul p48

Listening and Speaking

Going to work p49


Questions with dop50

East week

© talk about things you did or saw

© say what you often do at the weekend © say what you did last weekend @ ask and say where people were © say where you were @ talk about a film or a book @ talk about a place you know •

Ц Target activity

Talk about things you did or saw

Past simple positive p55 was, were p56 Were you... ?p57


Activities p54 Place expressions p57 A film called....

a book by... p58 Adjectives p58

An email p56

Reading and Listening

Last Saturday p54


A place you know p58

Writing and Speaking

Your weekend p55


An email p56

Films, books, restaurants p58


© talk about a place you visited

© say what you saw and did © say what you didn't see or do @ talk about holiday activities © ask people what they did © talk about months and weather @ say when to visit a place © ask about a holiday or business trip

Target activity

Talk about a place you visited

Past simple negative p63 Past simple questions p65


Past simple verbs p63 Expressions with go p64 Months, seasons p66 Weather p66

Mike and Anna in Cairo p62 Travel weather p66


On holiday p64 Masumi's trip p65


A place you visited recently p65


A travel blog p63

The weather in your country p66

Going out

© invite someone to go out

© talk on the phone © say what you're doing just now @ ask what people are doing © talk about arrangements ® invite someone and reply ® decide what to do and where to go © make suggestions

© Target activity

Invite someone to go out

Present progressive p70

Present progressive (future meaning) p72

can, can Yp 73


Telephone expressions p70

Future time expressions p72

Going out p74

Suggestions p74

A 'What's On?' page p74 Listening

What are you doing? p71 Arrangements p72


Ask what people are doing p71 Invitations and replies p73

Writing and Speaking

Future arrangements p73
Classroom language

Let's..., Could you... ?

Sounds and spelling

o, oa and oo

Keyword have (2) EKFlOBiWriting

© give reasons and explanations ® join ideas using so / because

Across cultures


Classroom language

Instructions (2)

Sounds and^spelling

/3:/, /зг/

Keyword '

see, look at, watch

F" ; Speaking

® make requests ® reply to requests

Across cultures


Classroom language

Instructions (3)

Sounds and spelling

/J/, AI3/ and /tjV

Keyword do Writing

® write about a sequence of events


Classroom language

Talking about a picture

Sounds and spelling

The letter u

Keyword that Speaking

@ reply to questions

Across cultures:

Family weekend

People’s lives

® talk about your life

@ say when people were born and died ® say when people did things @ say what people did in their lives ® talk about important events in your life © tell someone's life story ® say when things happened © talk about your past © ask about someone's past

^Target activity

Talk about your life

Past time expressions


Questions: When...?

How long... ? p82


Nationalities, jobs p78 Years p78

Past simple verbs p78 I think, I don't know... p79 Life events p80

Are you from London? p80 How to be a millionaire p81


Who was Picasso? p79 Two life stories p80 An interview p82


Talking about a famous person p79 Asking about someone's past p82


Famous people p79
Classroom language


Sounds and spelling


Keyword how EMPLOBSWriting

@ write when things happened