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English Unlimited B1 Pre-intermediate self-study

English Unlimited B1 Pre-intermediate self-study

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Play 4
Vocabulary: Talking about music; Deciding what to do; Sports and exercise
Grammar: Present simple, past simple, present progressive Time out: Strange sports Explore reading: Summer School web page DVD-ROM Extra: Quality time
Things 39
Vocabulary: Buying things; Describing objects; Talking about a possession
Grammar: some, any; The passive
My English: Contrastive stress
Explore writing: Advert on an online auction website
DVD-ROM Extra: A favourite thing
Work and studies 9
Vocabulary: Studying; Working conditions; Presenting yourself Grammar: The present perfect 1 - for experience; The present perfect 2 - with for and since My English: English at work Explore writing: Email of application DVD-ROM Extra: Learning new skills
Feelings 44
Vocabulary: Extreme adjectives; Reacting to news, thanking, apologising; Asking for news Grammar: The present perfect 3 - giving news Time out: Yawning, smiling, laughing, sneezing Explore reading: Article about feelings DVD-ROM Extra: Ways of communicating
How’s your food? 14
Vocabulary: Giving opinions; Ordering a meal; Making suggestions
Grammar: Nouns with prepositional phrases
Time out: Shopping quiz and food crossword
Explore reading: Restaurant review
DVD-ROM Extra: Food for thought
Getting organised 49
Vocabulary: Hotel facilities; Staying in a hotel; make
Reading: Social networking
Grammar: Future plans and arrangements
My English: Jung-Soo from Korea
Explore writing: Email describing arrangements
DVD-ROM Extra: Keep ing in touch online7"
Encounters 19
Vocabulary: Taxis; Getting a taxi; Linking a story; Starting a story
Grammar: The past progressive
My English: Reasons for learning English
Explore writing: Email to a taxi firm
DVD-ROM Extra: A mix of cultures
Spaces 54
Vocabulary: Describing homes; Talking about pros and cons (good and bad points); Solving problems Time out: Home descriptions crossword Explore reading: Property details DVD-ROM Extra: A new home
Money 24
Vocabulary: Money; Giving advice Grammar: can, have to Time out: Money crossword Explore reading: Travel web page DVD-ROM Extra: Money today
People and places 59
Vocabulary: Location; Describing a country; Life and achievements; Expressions with know Grammar: Infinitives and gerunds My English: Other languages Explore writing: Award nomination DVD-ROM Extra: Achievements
Energy 29
Vocabulary: Household chores; Talking about habits; Weather
Grammar: Comparatives and superlatives
My English: Sandra from Sweden
Explore writing: Hotel reviews
DVD-ROM Extra: Hot and cold
City life 34
Vocabulary: The environment; Giving directions; Getting tourist information
Grammar: will, might, may, Real conditionals Time out: City crossword
Explore reading: Web page: short holiday in Cork DVD-ROM Extra: Changing environment
Pull-out answer key: pages i-iv,
Now and then 64
Vocabulary: How I feel about gadgets; Telephone expressions;
Comparing past and present Grammar: used to, would Time out: Gadgets Explore reading: Instruction manual DVD-ROM Extra: Memories
A matter of opinion 69
Vocabulary: Expressing opinions; Responding to opinions Grammar: Unreal conditionals My English: Agreeing and disagreeing Explore writing: Letter of opinion on airport expansion DVD-ROM Extra: Differences of opinion
between pages 38 and 39