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english unlimited b2

english unlimited b2

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата


® talk about people’s success ® discuss and evaluate ideas ® talk about things you're good at

© describe and evaluate skills © give advice about an interest or occupation

Target activity

Give advice about an interest or occupation


® describe events in detail ® deal with misunderstandings ® describe experiences of things going wrong ® tell a story from your country ® explain why you're not satisfied with a service

Target activity

Make a complaint

Present perfect simple and progressive p8 Vocabulary Routes to success p6 Reacting to ideas p7 Skills p9 Giving advice p10 Pronunciation Stress p9

A Star Is Made p7 Listening

Derek and Jennifer discuss A Star is Made p7

Three people describe their abilities p8 Harry Ravenswood, video game designer pi0 Speaking

What it takes to succeed p6 React to science news stories p7 Things you're good at p9 Transferable skills p9.
Keyword think


® use vague expressions to describe categories of things

® use vague expressions when you can't remember a word
Look again o

Spelling and soundsId^l

Past simple and past perfect simple pi5

Past progressive and past perfect progressive pi7 Vocabulary

Dealing with

misunderstandings p14 Adverbs for describing actions


Explaining a complaint p 18 Generalising and talking about differences p 19 Pronunciation

Contrastive stress p14

Rainer's difficult day p14 Sen no Rikyu p 16

Ian calls a dissatisfied customer p 18 David talks about Portuguese culture p19 Speaking

Three misunderstandings p 15 Misunderstandings in your life pi5 Tell the story of Sen no Rikyu p16 A story from your country p 17 A talk for visitors to your country p 19
Across cultures

Aspects of culture


© write a dramatic story
Look again o

Spelling and sounds Ini


Learners and teachers

® express views about different options

® talk about education and training ® talk about experiences of education and training ® describe habits and tendencies in the past and present © describe important mentors in your life

Target activity

Decide who to nominate for an award

Local knowledge

® describe landmarks ® talk about landmarks where you live

© talk about well-known people where you live

® describe someone's life and work

© give information about

interesting or important sights

Target activity

Describe well-known sites to a visitor

Habits and tendencies - past and present p25 Vocabulary Discussing options p22 Education and training p23 Work and commitment p25 Describing a mentor p26 Pronunciation Fluent speech 1 - leaving out

N p22

Using the passive p33 Vocabulary

Describing landmarks p30 History of a landmark p31 Talking about well-known people p32 Recalling details p34 Describing a special occasion p35


Weak forms p31
Reading and listening

Markham College evening courses p22 Reading

Hello, class, I'm the 16-year-old head p24


Bill, my mentor p26 Speaking

Choose an evening course p23 Opinions on education and training p23 Courses, skills, activities p25 School days p25


@ show different

attitudes and feelings
Look again ©

Spelling and sounds ///

Famous landmarks in three countries p30 Things to see in and around Beijing p34 Bonfire night, Polish weddings p35 Reading

Umm Kulthum, Bohumil Hrabal p32, p 119


Landmarks in your region or country p31 Famous people from your part of the world p32

Special occasions where you live p35 Writing and speaking

Profile of a person for a website p33
Across cultures

Special occasions


© write an email or letter recommending places to see
Look again ©

Spelling and sounds /ml

® describe and give opinions about images

® choose something for a room ® discuss what makes a good design

® describe designs and designed objects ® participate in a decisionmaking discussion

Target activity

Choose a logo

Describing objects - past participle clauses p41 Vocabulary

Describing an image p39 Choosing something for a room p39

Discussing design p40 Getting a consensus p42 Pronunciation

Groups of words 1 p41

Art gallery audio guide p38 James and Paloma choose posters p39 A logo for Forever Flowers p42 Reading

Classics of everyday design No. 3 - the paperclip p40 Speaking

Describe a picture p39

Choose a picture for your classroom p39

Design classics p41
Keyword as


© express disagreement in different situations @ make concessions and counter-arguments