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English Unlimited C1 advanced Self-study Pack

English Unlimited C1 advanced Self-study Pack

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Childhood 4
Vocabulary: Adapting to another culture; Remembering; just Grammar: will to express tendency; would; using the -ing form Explore writing: An important event DVD-ROM Extra: Drama - Baghdad Express
Health 34
Vocabulary: Health problems and treatment; Tests, processes and experiments; consist, include; All-purpose nouns Grammar: Passives and participles; Referencing and substitution Explore writing: Summarising information DVD-ROM Extra: Current affairs - Raw foodists
Self 9
Vocabulary: Talking about identity; skill, talent, ability; self Grammar: Verb tenses in narration; Phrasal verbs; verbs + prepositions
Explore reading: Biographies and abstracts
Brand awareness 39
Vocabulary: Marketing words; Image and qualities; Effects and influences; Multi-word expressions Grammar: Measuring differences; -ever Explore reading: Blog entries and press releases
Language and literature 14
Vocabulary: Describing a book and its significance; language; Plans and priorities
Grammar: Present verb forms; Adverbs Explore writing: Job adverts and letters of interest DVD-ROM Extra: Visual poem - Forgetfulness
Icons 44
Vocabulary: Interpreting and defining; Saying what things and people represent; Critical language Grammar: It's no Modifying a sentence;
Explore writing: Tribute texts
DVD-ROM Extra: News clip - The death of icons
World 19
Vocabulary: Types of food; Differences and changes;
Cause and effect
Grammar: The future; Comparisons involving different verbs and times
Explore reading: Travel writing
Belonging 49
Vocabulary: Collective nouns for people; Groups and membership; together Grammar: Being emphatic; Inversion Explore reading: Literary extracts
Concepts of space 24
Vocabulary: Describing spaces; Outlining problems; Describing features of places; need; Legal and illegal activities Grammar: Passive reporting verbs Explore writing: Reports DVD-ROM Extra: Documentary - Iconic buildings
Climate 54
Vocabulary: Climate change; Processes; Saying if things are justified; Adverb / adjective collocations; Describing similarities and differences
Grammar: Present progressive active and passive; Cleft sentences
Explore writing: Essays
DVD-ROM Extra: Film excerpt - Off-grid living
Appearances 29
Vocabulary: Fakes and forgery; Verbs with -en and en-;
Altering physical features; aim, purpose Grammar: Present participle expressions Explore reading: Comparing news articles
Knowledge and technology 59
Vocabulary: Knowledge and information; Developments and advances; sure, certain; Sounding confident Grammar: Participle clauses
Explore reading: Register and formality in business emails