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English vocabulary in use - Pre-intermediate & Intermediate, St. Redman, 2nd Edition

English vocabulary in use - Pre-intermediate & Intermediate, St. Redman, 2nd Edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Introduction vi
Using this book ]
l Learning and revising with this book have a routine, revision* say the word aloud 1 Keeping a vocabulary notebook record, the most important thing is ...
5 Using a dictionary look up a word, guess the meaning
4 English language words adjectivey phrasal verb, question mark
5 Classroom language board pen, share a book* swap places
Word formation
6 Prefixes un-, in-, in;-* dis-
7 Noun suffixes rncnty -ity* -ness, -tion S Adjective suffixes -able, -we, -al, ->•
9 Nouns and verbs with the same form gtiess/to guess, kiss/to kiss, rest/to rest
10 Compound nouns traffic light, tin opener\ credit card, film star
11 Compound adjectives easy-going, well-known, part-time
Phrase building
12 Collocation (word partners) miss the bus, a soft drink, fast asleep
13 Idioms and fixed expressions never mind* go ahead, take if in turns
14 Verb or adjective + preposition depend on, belong to, interested in
15 Preposition + noun by train, on the radio, in a hurry?
16 Apologies, excuses and thanks sorry' I’m late, l got held up* thanks a lot
17 Requests, invitations and suggestions Could you ..J How about...? if you like IS Opinions, agreeing and disagreeing What do you think of ...f1 a brilliant idea
19 Likes, preferences and interests / quite like, and that sort of thing, I’d rather
20 Frequently asked questions Hotv’s it going? What's the matter?
21 Common responses / hope so, that sounds great* what a shame
22 Greetings, farewells and special expressions Nice to meet yon, see you soon, good luck
23 Phrasal verbs (1): form and meaning wake up* find outy run out of sth
24 Phrasal verbs (2): grammar and style take sth off, grow up, break dottti
25 Have and have got have a rest. I've got a headache* have a look
26 Make, do and take make a mistake, do homework, take a photo
27 Give, keep, break, see give sb a ring, break a record, / see
28 Leave, catch and let leave a message, catch a bus, let sb know
29 Get: uses and expressions get dressed, get married, get on with
30 Go: uses and expressions go for a drink, have a go, go deaf
31 The senses it looks nice, it feels like wool, don't touch
32 Partitives: a bag of a bit of a cup of coffee, a bit of luck, a pair of shoes
Parts of speech (special problems)
33 Uncountable nouns and plural nouns information (Uj* trousers (pi)
34 Verbs + -ittg form or infinitive enjoy + -mg, refuse +• infinitive
35 Verb patterns advise him to go ..., suggest (that) we leave
36 Adjectiv es boring or bored, big or enormous
37 Prepositions: place at the bus stop, 0» the floor, past the castle
38 Adverbs: frequency and degree l rarely goy l quite often drive, rather good
Connecting and linking
39 Time and sequence as soon as, while, eventually
40 Addition and contrast as well, although, however
41 Similarities, differences, comparisons, exceptions very similar, compared with, apart from
42 Reason, purpose, result, condition so, because of, so that, therefore, unless
The world around us
43 The physical world round the world, Sahara Desert, floods
44 Weather heavy rain, a strong windy lightning
45 Animals and insects pets, elephants, in the wiidy protect
46 Countries, nationality and language Poland, the Far East, the French, in
47 The body and what it can do elbow, necky breathe in, shake hands
4S Describing people’s appearance good-looking, tali and slim, fair hair
49 Describing character sbyy show your feelingsy a sense of humour
50 Human feelings and actions angry, proud of, glance at, have a stroll
51 Family and friends mother-in-law, close friend, ex-husband
52 Ages and stages childhood, go to university, in >owr twenties
Daily life
53 Daily routines fall asleep, have a shower, get to work
54 The place where you live right in the centre> on the first floor, rent
55 Around the home (1) spare room, lamp, cupboard, turn on the TV
56 Around the home (2) pillows, have a wash, do /бе irowmg
57 Everyday problems $pilly out of order, гмл on/ 0/ bread
58 Money £10 note, tend and borrow, can't afford
59 Health: illness / don’/ /ее/ well, flu, l get backache
60 Health: physical injuries break an army go to hasp dal, painful
61 Clothes skirty earrings, put on a coaty too small
62 Shops and shopping go shopping, department storey cash desk
63 Food peach, peel an orange, lamb, salad dressing
64 Cooking and restaurants fresh bread, medium-rare, main course
65 City life the rush houry shopping centrey lively
66 Life in the country rural areay on a farm, the nearest village
67 On the road main road, turn left, break down
68 Transport get on the busy go by car, platform two
69 Work: duties, pay and conditions What do you do?, deal with, salary
70 Jobs surgeon, design buildings, in the ar?ny
71 The career ladder apply for a job, pay rise, work abroad
72 In the office send e-mail, do paperwork, it isn't working
73 Business and finance interest rate, profit and loss, rise sharply
Leisure and entertainment
74 Sport: ball games table tennis, pass the half, win a game
75 Sport and leisure swimming, go to the gyui, support a team
76 Cinema and thcarre stage, third row, war film, violent, gripping
77 Music composer, lead singer, hit single, latest CD
Communication and technology
78 Newspapers daily paper, headline, according to ...
79 Television switch over, soap opera, What's on TVs'
50 On the phone mobile phone, wrong number, Is that Mary?
51 Computers and the Internet hard disk, download, get online, browse
Social concerns
82 Education: school primary school, geography, pass an exam
83 Education: university engineering, do a degree, graduate, PhD
84 Law and order illegal, break the law, arrest someone, guilt}'
85 Crime shoplifting, robberyt late at night, valuables
86 Politics believe in democracy, left-wing, election
87 Bureaucracy identity card, fill in, signature, date of birth
88 Global problems pollution, destroy the planet, civil war
89 Air travel check-in desk, land, a two-hour delay
90 Hotels and restaurants single room, pay the bill, Is dinner included?
91 Л sightseeing holiday in the city have a look round, guidebook, nightlife
92 Holidays by the sea seaside resort, sunbathe, sandy beach
Notional concepts
93 Tune on Monday, since May, it takes an hour
94 Numbers two million, one and a half, divide by three
95 Distance, size and dim ext si on a long way, too far, How wide is it?
96 Shapes, colours and patterns a round table, a dark green skirt, yellowish
Varieties of English
97 Notices and warnings sold out, no exit, mind the step, no parking
98 Vague language a vague idea, things, stuff, a bit, roughly
99 Formal and informal English buy vs purchase, kids vs children
100 Abbreviations and abbreviated words CV, A1P, c.g., etc., lab, fndge. bike
Answer key 204
Phonemic symbols 242
Pronunciation problems 243
Index 244
Acknowledgements 263