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English world 3 workbook

English world 3 workbook

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Present simple vs. present continuous
Complete the sentences. Use the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs.
e Question tags
Complete each question tag. Write one word in each space.
1 He’s just a child, isn’t he?
2 It isn’t easy being a teenager, it?
3 They’re only 3 and 4 years old - they’re just
toddlers, ...they?
4 Leaving a tap on wastes water, .... it?
5 You recycled that paper, you?
I'm Christy Bell, and I'm in Year 11 at a school in Manchester. This is my big GCSE exam year, so I \..don't_haye___ (not have) as much free tirpe as I did before. When 12.
(not do) my homework or studying for tests, I try to see my friends. Saturday night is really the only time when everyone's free, because most of my friends3.
(work) on Saturdays. I have a job in a home and, garden centre, but now it4 '(get) harder to find
enough time to do that and all of my school work too. 15 (need) the money, though, because I don’t get any pocket money from
my mum. 16 (do) some
babysitting, which, is good because
I usually7 (get) my
school work done at the same time, and I get paid for it!
Most of the boys in my class seem to spend a lot of their free time on computers. Mpre and more of them % y ...... (get) computer games,
or doing online gaming, but I don’t like them much. And these days people'9'. .... ... (use) instam
messaging to talk to friends, but I 10. (prefer) texting my
friends on my mobile - I hate sitting in front of a computer for hours, i do enough of that with my homework!!
6 We can’t "go on destroying the rainforests,
.... we?
7 Your sister's just had a baby,...... ;she?
8 We shouldn’t drop litter on the streets,
9 The atmosphere's become very polluted,
10 One day you'll be a pensioner, you?
 Describing someone's age and the environment
Find twelve words in the wordsnake. Write them in the correct columns.
е ways of talking about the future
Read the sentences. Mark them A
if it is an arrangement, P if it is a
prediction or / if it is an intention.
1 Tve decided on a subject to study at university - Biology.’
2 'We've arranged to visit my grandparents on Saturday.'
3 ‘My dad? Give me money to buy a new computer? Definitely not!’
4 'I phoned the doctor and made an appointment to see her tomorrow morning.'
5 'Planes fly from London to Australia in ten hours in the future? Yes, definitely.'
6 ‘My friend Mike has decided to leave school next year.'
Use the underlined words in Exercise lb to make sentences: for arrangement use present continuous; for prediction use will/won't; for intention use going to.
1 .iШgoing, tostudy.Bjojogy.at university..