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English World Bowen 1 workbook

English World Bowen 1 workbook

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Scope and sequence
Unit  page New words and speaking Grammar Grammar in conversation Learning to learn (WB)
1 Hello, Mr Jolly! It's o car. It's red. Hello. Hi. Matching pictures;
colours and toys Is it a doll? Is it pink? What's your name? matching lower case
24 Yes. No. My name's ... letters
2  32 Mr Jolly's Shop  school items Is it red? Is it a car? Yes, it is. No, it isn't.  It isn't a car. It's a van. What is it? Matching pictures; matching upper case letters
3 Good morning! It is an umbrella. Good morning Finding the same
transport It is a red bike. How are you? picture; finding the
40 It isn't a blue car. I'm fine, thank you. same letter
4  50 Bella and Biffo adjectives He is sad.  Is she Mum? Yes, she is. No, she isn't. I'm happy. Am 1 Dan? No, you aren't.  Yes, you are. Finding the different picture; finding the different letter
5 Mrs Goody and Pirate regular plural nouns How many are there? Finding the same
Jack lollipops, cakes, sweets There are ... There is .... picture; finding the
58 one-ten; food Is there one ...? same letter (direction)
6 Happy BirthdayI What are they? How old are you? Matching pictures;
*66 nature They're frogs. We're funny. I'm six.  We're seven. matching words
7  / Where is King Tub? nronncitionc in nn Where's my book? Identifying the missing
76 rooms in a house under Where are my pens? items from pictures and words
8 This is my family I've got a brother. Have Who is this? Identifying the missing
84 family you got a sister? Yes, 1 have. No, 1 haven't. This is my brother. items from pictures and sentences
9 Miss Silver He's got a plane. 1 like grapes. Sorting items into
92 11-20  eleven-twenty Has she got a car? Yes, she has. No, she hasn't. How about you? categories „
10 The space rocket The rocket can fly. Stop! Look! Listen! Sorting items into
102 action verbs Can it jump?  Yes, it can. No, it can't. Wait! categories
11 Up in space I'm flying. What's the weather like? Sequencing pictures;
110 weather You're singing. It's cloudy. Is it cold? sequencing sentences
12 Welcome homeI He's eating. It's flying. loudly, quietly, quickly, Sequencing pictures;
action verbs We're reading. slowly sequencing sentences
118 They're jumping.
Reading Phonics Listening Writing skills (WB) Class  Composition
A toy shop  descriptions of toys vocabulary: colours, toys cvc words with short a identifying  objects sentences: capital letter and full stop naming and describing toys
At school  descriptions of items vocabulary: school items cvc words with short e identifying  objects questions: capital letter, question mark description with repeated question
Fast and slow  information text vocabulary: transport cvc words with short / identifying; listening for gist/detail colour adjective before noun information text on transport
Jimbo; Ned, the snake poems  vocabulary: adjectives cvc words with short o matching statements and pictures capital letters for proper names completing rhyming poems
Grandpa's shop  a story  vocabulary: food cvc words with short u action song statements,  questions story with familiar setting
The garden  descriptive text vocabulary: nature words with sh matching; listening for gist/detail word order (adjective, noun) descriptive text
A game  a story  vocabulary: furniture words with  ch sequencing pronouns a story
My room  descriptive text vocabulary: objects in room words with th (voiced) identifying; listening for detail conjunction and descriptive text
The space woman; 1 like ...  poems  vocabulary: adjectives, food words with th (unvoiced) ! identifying from dialogues adjective  recognition rhyming list poems
The Earth and the sky  information text vocabulary: nature words ending ng following  instructions verb recognition information text
What are you doing?  descriptive text vocabulary: actions, weather words ending II identifying  characters question words descriptive text with questions
A birthday party a story with familiar setting vocabulary: actions, food words ending ck action song word order (subject, verb, object) : a story with familiar setting