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English world workbook 4

English world workbook 4

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Reading comprehension and vocabulary
■ i
1 Read and complete the dialogue.
Use the words in the box.
I emwetreir joii^ move- disk- -website l ^pfoetise-" -pF©§mm- 4frtemet^
v . . -
Anna told Molly about animation.
"Look," said Anna, "This is how it works.
You use a computer prOQ^ouVA to put a picture on your screen.
You use the program to make the picture m PUil That is aA, 0 I? "
"Is it difficult?" asked Molly.
"It is difficult at first," said Anna. "You must p r olQt i then it is easier."
"Can I see your animation on the i A &r Wd-'t ?" asked Molly.
"Yes, you can," answered Anna. "Go to the school w£y AS? tLS
C * ?rX on Computer Club. Then click on Anna's funny fish."
"Can I j the Computer Club?" asked Molly.
"Yes, you can," said Anna. "Come next week. You can t r V animation, too."
"Great!" said Molly.
Z Answer the questions. Write short answers.
1 Who goes to Computer Club? TC_i_ki_£ IS /iftftOi/«
2 What is the title of Anna's animation?
in n
w Ï C
3 Where can you see Anna's animation? J a py\& -hOnoO! 'yj&lObf ^ «
4 Who is going to go to Computer Club next week? ^ Mo|) \j -S go nn a Tfo dp
j u *
3 Write the numbers.
1 There are Qk .seconds in a minute. p'\  2 There are txk. _ minutes in an hour.
J1 ? j  3 There are ^ i _ hours in a day. 4 There are T _ days in a week.
. aérions