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Epidemiology States

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

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1. Epidemic process definition, constituents, forms. Epidemic process - definition, links, driving forces, types of intensity Epidemic center
2. Infectious process - the biological base of the epidemic process. Characteristics -degree of
epidemiological significance of the forms of infectious process.
3. Source (origin) of infection the patient - contagious period, epidemic importance Zoonoses.
4. Source (origin) of infection. the carrier of infection, types of infections, duration, Importance. Zoonoses.
5. Mode of transmission of infection - phases, types. Vehicles of transmission, Routes of transmission of infection. Classification of infectious diseases.
6. Vehicles of the transmission of infection - water, food objects in the immediate environment, soil and air.
7. Environmental factor- seasons and cycles of the infectious disease
8. Social factor- types, ways of influence, significance.
9. Susceptibility of the population.
10.Specific immunoprophylaxis. Types of vaccines. Methods of application. Postvaccination reactions and complications. Organization of immunizations
11.Immunization Schedule of Bulgaria.
12. Types of epidemics- air borne infections , arthropod- born infection, vehicles of transmission of infection, vehicle - born infections water, milk and food as.
13. Epidemiological investigation - aims, stages, ways of carrying out, epidemiological analysis, epidemiological prognosis.
14. General prophylaxis and control measures in the epidemic center
15. Measures in the epidemic centre - to the patient, to the environment. Diagnosis of epidemiological situation - epidemiological markers
16. Disinfection and sterilization - definition, methods and characteristics of agents used
17. Desinsection- definition, methods and characteristics of agents used