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EPSA 2019 Educational Booklet So good, So Fiable

EPSA 2019 Educational Booklet So good, So Fiable

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Please read this information carefully as you will need it during the whole congress. It will make our work much easier and your experience at the Congress more fulfilling. EPSA offers many other opportunities throughout the mandate as well, so make sure to follow our social media and website to keep up to date with the activities.
In this chapter, you will find descriptions of the different sessions and programme.
Engage with EPSA over social media during the event by using the event's specific hashtags in addition to the #EPSAeducation hashtag.
Specific hashtags can be used for specific types of activities:
EPSA training related activities - #EPSAtraining
EPSA science-related activities - #EPSAscience
EPSA public health campaign-related activities - #EPSAphc
Do not forget about the social media competition!
#SoEducational #SoAwesome
Educational Programme Registrations
We will be using a sessions check-in system powered by Eventbrite. By using the Eventbrite app (available for iOS and Android devices), you will be able to carry all your session e-tickets on your smartphone or tablet. In order to enter each session, you will be asked by the check-in team to present a suitable e-ticket, which will be scanned from your screen.
Please make sure to download the app on your phone or tablet before arriving, in order to be able to store all of your sessions there and have your attendance marked. In case you are unable to do it, we kindly ask that you to print or download the PDFs with the respective tickets you will receive over email, and present them to the helping team members.

The educational programme registrations will open prior to the event through Facebook and email participants' groups. Make sure to read the instructions that will be released before that and watch the video that will explain the procedure to you in more detail. Read the abstracts published in this booklet to choose the parallel sessions based on your interests. And do not forget, spaces per activity are limited, so make sure to register as soon as possible!

For additional inquiries about the educational programme registrations, contact your Liaison Secretary or the EPSA Vice President of Education.
Online subscription to the sessions

As mentioned before, you will be able to create your own schedule. But how? Read through this booklet and the abstracts, pick your sessions and then register for each day. Remember that the sessions have a limited number of participants. Keep an eye on the participants' group to find out more about the beginning of registrations!

During the congress, sheets with the names of the registered participants will be hung on the doors of the sessions, so you can easily check yours. In case you have not registered for a session or you have changed your mind at the last minute, you can check-in for another session in the last 5-minutes before sessions are about to begin but only if there are free spots at that session.

If you are more than 10 minutes late to the start of the session, you will not be allowed to participate in the activity and will not receive the validation for that session, so make sure to be on time!

Before that, only the participants with a valid ticket for that respective session will be able to check in!