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ETUDES for Pianists BOOK ONE

ETUDES for Pianists BOOK ONE

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

OOK ONE — The Beginner’s Book

This book is designed to give a background of the principles,^? intelligent^ music reading so that the student may develop his nole reading skill to the fullest of his ability.

In Four Parts: Port One — Reading Up and Down From The Middle of The Staff. Part Two — Reading Up and Down From the Space Notes of The Treble Clef. Part Three —• Reading Up and Down From The Space Notes of The Bass Clef. Part Four — Introduction To Musical Playing. All four sections contoin a seporote work page on which the student may work out in prodice the theory which has been imparted in the book.
BOOK TWO — The Follow-Up Book

Meels the demand for a graduol and consistent progression to follow beginning instruction. Through the utilization of many beautiful folk songs, the student is given the opportunity to continue this reading approach to the piano.
BOOK THREE — The Key Signature Book

Serves the purpose of offering adequate material to accustom the mind and hands to the black key positions of the keyboord. An introduction to new rhythms, to Major and Minor Music, and to the subject of Key Signatures. Technic Studies included with each piece.
BOOK FIVE—The Dance Form Book

The malerial of this book extends from the dance forms used by the Mas Composers of the Classic period through the modern music of the pres day. The timeliness of its contents will prove to be very popular with student.
BOOK SIX — The Classics Book

From the small pieces of such great composers as Bach, Motort, Beeihov etc., through Sonatinas and the easier Sonatas, this book completes course of study which paves the woy for intelligent ploying and real uno standing of the great music of the world.


These Eludes are a musical collection of short pieces that contoin many the subjects treated in the Six Books of the COURSF FOR PIANISTS, etudes further develop, both psychologically and melodically, the studec control of lone and touch as well os his fingers, arms and wrists.